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Be employed or be the boss?

Updated on June 9, 2013

The way to grow

Many entrepreneurs that are born for success often end up compromising their aspirations terribly when they do not face the difficult decision to abandon a comfortable situation and a stable job where they feel protected.

It is important not to lose sight that anyone can excel both as an entrepreneur in the business as working for a company that gives you room to grow.

After all, if an employee works in a company as if it were his own, is likely to succeed as the boss, a day the way they work can now reveal clearly an entrepreneurial spirit.

Be or not to be an employed?

Whoever wants to follow his path need to know that will take risks and realize it feels strengthened to face them.

Those who prefer the stability of a good job, in turn, should seek to work in environments where they can make the most of your natural talent for transforming entrepreneurial projects in stocks and thus also become professional in every market search.

It's the quickest way to achieve recovery coveted.

In fact, it is indispensable an employee requires much more than just heavy work. Requires insight, vision and perseverance means acquiring knowledge, become his own boss and be prepared for the inevitable changes.

What to do if you are the Boss

One of the great assets of professional expertise is thus precisely how to deal with any kind of change in a practical and efficient way. At this time, the value of perseverance ends properly resized: the difficulties are now treated as opportunities to learn more about yourself and, above all, develop skills to deal with more complex contexts.

In times of crisis, for example, the most appropriate is to use common sense. With planning and strategy, it is always possible to circumvent any change of last minute without regrets or resentments and always seeking the best outcome for the company.

On the other hand, if the issue is some unexpected budget cut for a project, for example, the ideal is to first try to assess the impact that such court may result in the achievement of goals set and then discuss the issue with staff before or deciding to act and continue the project, respecting the changes or, if necessary, to stop his execution.

One of the major qualities an employer is how you deal with internal conflicts. When such conflicts involve the limited scope of two people, the right thing is to call each of them separately, let them share their point of view and ask that you use each reflect on attitudes conducted by reasoning more balanced and that each place in the other position.

If the conflict is of a higher proportion and involve a leader, the best method is to bring the group together to discuss the problems of the sector based on a perspective focused on the process.

Good Boss, Bad Boss: How To Master The Art of Leadership

Entrepreneurs Qualities

In addition, there are some qualities that differentiate entrepreneurs personal characteristics that can drive the business to success or failure.

An optimistic entrepreneur ends up printing on your desktop a provision healthy couple of success, which may well be reflected in certain practical results. Are two types of posture, despite his strongly personal level, end up making a big difference in change work.

It is no coincidence that the way to deal with the difficulties of day-by-day remains the major component that defines and differentiates more great professionals. On the same day we have, after all, great joys and great disappointments.

The important thing is to keep common sense and be able to exercise a minimum of self-control to deal with problems as they arise, keeping in mind that attitudes can and should make a difference.

Effective Leadership Communication


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