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Beat Acne with Stinging Nettle Tea

Updated on June 10, 2011

Most approaches to acne aim to treat the symptoms rather than address the fundamental root cause of the problem.

Stinging nettle tea is a solution which is preventative in nature. Brewed from the leaves of the stinging nettle – urtica dioica in Latin – stinging nettles produce a mild irritant poison, which when treated correctly, can be extremely effective in the treatment of a range of conditions, not least of which is acne.

Occurring naturally in the northern hemisphere amongst temperate climates, the stinging nettle is typically considered a weed by those who are not aware of the myriad of uses it can be put to for general health improvement.

With a little knowledge though, you can turn this pest into one of your favourite weapons in the fight against acne.

The Stinging Nettle
The Stinging Nettle

Remove the Toxins in Your Blood

Stinging nettle tea works to cleanse your skin by addressing the problems that may be occurring in your blood. The chemicals in stinging nettle tea work to remove excessive toxins in your blood stream, allowing your skin to more effectively cleanse itself, thus preventing acne in the early stages.

Although stinging nettle tea is less effective after the fact – that is, it works best as a prevention, rather than a cure – it is still effective as part of a combined treatment regimen. If you already treat your acne with a carefully prepared diet, then stinging nettle tea will be a natural and easy step for you.

Of course, the benefit of using stinging nettle tea to treat acne can spill over into other areas of your health. Many users report an increased sense of wellbeing as a result of incorporating stinging nettle tea into their diet.

Make Your Own Nettle Tea

Cheapest Acne Solution Ever?

Depending on where you live in the world, you can make your own stinging nettle tea. This makes stinging nettle tea one of the most cost-effective treatments for acne ever!

If you don’t have access to stinging nettles though, not to worry. There are several stores that sell stinging nettle tea pre-prepared so all you have to do is brew it. See you local natural health food store or chemist.

If you’re interested in preparing your own stinging nettle tea, I’ve prepared a guide.

For information on how stinging nettle tea can help treat a range of conditions, including arthritis, anemia, hay fever, kidney problems, as an enhancement to prostate health, or as a tool to help with weight loss, then check out the related links section below.

What's your experience with stinging nettle tea and acne? How much of a difference has it made for you? Let us know in the comments section below...


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    • profile image

      tesoro 5 years ago

      I get mine from

    • profile image

      Jai Verma 6 years ago

      hey please can you tell me where can i shop for it online or wherever available?

    • profile image

      honey's girl 7 years ago

      My ilmidaimly u lukin gangster in ur new pic;)well dnt scare:)me .. m already a big coward..:)hahaha...plz dnt mind..jst said wat i felt:)bt ur previous pic was awsum as cmpared 2 dis one...well dnt evr take my wrds seriously..k??? watevr cums in my heart jst always immediately i utter dat...!!

    • profile image

      honey's girl 7 years ago

      okay....can u mail dis stinging nettles to my residential address if u can:)??????i'll b v grateful 2u..

    • ilmdamaily profile image

      ilmdamaily 7 years ago from A forgotten corner of a dying empire. OK, it's Australia :-)

      Hey honey's girl! Yeah, it will definitely work. It's not something i've used specifically for this purpose myself yet as i'm one of those annoying people who are lucky enough to have good skin lol, but I do drink it for general health, and I have seen so many people swear by this as a treatment method for acne.

      I'm not sure if stinging nettles grow in India, as I think the climate is a little too tropical for them. They tend to grow in more temperate climates. You can buy it online though, but I don't know exactly where from yet, as I am able to pick it myself naturally. I really should get around to finding out lol.

      Thanks for the comment!

    • profile image

      honey's girl 7 years ago

      will this really work ilmdam??n is this stinging nettle tea available in india also????cause even i don't kno its available in my country or not bt really wanna try dis once.