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Beat Zika Virus with Hulda Clark's Zapper

Updated on August 17, 2016

Dr. Hulda Clark invented the zapper

Dr. Clark was a controversial health researcher, inventor and writer from Canada who studied parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungus, heavy metals, solvents and radioactivity and their effects on human health. She authored eight books on health, preventative medicine and alternative treatments.

Her critics were/are legion and can be summed up as the whole of the conventional medical/pharmaceutical establishment. If you get your information from the conventional side of the health debate, then this article probably isn't for you.

Affordable American-Made Zapper

Frequency Therapy

Dr. Clark invented a device called a Syncrometer that allowed her to measure and record the frequency of organic things like bacteria and viruses. This led her to wonder if she could kill these little nasties by bathing them in electrical frequencies. She invented a machine to do so. It worked flawlessly. She found that she needed almost no electricity to electrocute pathogens in a petri dish.

Then she tested her device on pathogens in the body, her body to be specific. Again it worked. She only had one problem, learning the frequency of each pathogen and setting her machine up for each one. Her solution can only be described as a happy accident.

She asked her son to make her a frequency machine specifically for killing the common intestinal fluke. He did. She tested it and it worked on the intestinal fluke, and a whole host of other parasites! Frequency therapy and the zapper was born.

What exactly is a zapper?

A zapper pulses an almost undetectable electrical pulse through your skin to electrocute microscopic parasites.

The benefits of zapping

There's tons of information on zappers and zapping online. Some zapper sellers say that zapping alkalizes the blood though I have no way of verifying this. The thing I can verify is that zappers kill pathogens. I know this because I haven't been seriously ill since I bought my first one more than three years ago. Whenever I get even the slightest inclination that a cold is coming on, I zap and it clears right up.

Which brings me to another point. With all of the talk of an Ebola pandemic in the news amounting to nothing, it's still cold and flu season. Colds and flu are why I bought my zapper in the first place. Since taking up zapping, I haven't had even the slightest hint of a cold while zapping daily. When not zapping daily, I have had the beginnings of colds that never developed because I resumed zapping immediately.

So even though virtually none of us are going to get the Zika Virus, there's lots of other nasty critters getting passed around at work and school. And the Hulda Clark zapper zaps practically all of them.

Two main types of zappers

Penny zappers tend to be homemade. My first zapper was a penny zapper from eBay. I imagine a hippie soldering it together in his garage with a doobie in his mouth. Still, it works like a champ to this day.

Then I bought a fancier one that connects to two copper tubes with alligator clips. You can't really bring that one to work, but it is fine for home use. You can also connect it to static wrist straps and zap hands free.

Hippie-Tech Penny Zapper

Professionally Engineered Zapper

Warning - Herxheimer Reaction

The Herxheimer Reaction is common when you first start zapping. If you zap too long in the beginning, the dead pathogens release endotoxins into the bloodstream faster than the body can process them out. For me it felt like 24 hours of lethargy.

To avoid or lessen Herxing, begin by zapping for five or ten minutes the first day. Pay close attention to how you feel and work your way up to longer sessions.

The best treatment for the Herxheimer Reaction is rest and hydration. So drink lots of water on the days you zap, and especially the first day. Don't do what I did; open your zapper, put in the batteries and zap for 24 hours straight. You'll herx for sure. Mind you, the day after my body got caught up on the dead critters, I felt better than I had for years.

Final Thoughts

I didn't zap even once this summer. Then the Zika Virus hit the news. I had to dig to find my penny zapper. Then I put it in my sock and zapped for ten minutes several times throughout the day. No herx!

Hopefully Zika Virus goes the way of the pig flu/chicken flu. That's cool by me. But remember, it's still cold and flu season, and that's what the zapper does best.

I hope that this post finds you in good health. God bless.

Hulda Clark Pt. 1

Hulda Clark Pt. 2

Hulda Clark Pt. 3

Hulda Clark Pt. 4


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