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Beat Sugar Cravings At Night

Updated on May 9, 2014

Are you struggling to beat sugar cravings at night? During the early evening and late at night are probably 2 of the most crucial times that your cravings kick in.

Does this sound typical? You are tired and relaxing watching TV and have massive sugar cravings? You have been too busy to eat all day and you’re starving but need a quick fix now, no time to even prepare healthy food? Have you been off your chocolates for 3 or 4 days now and your body is in bad need off its sugar fix immediately?

All of these are typical and common scenarios felt by millions around the world so please do not think that you are the only one suffering, you are not alone. Enough of the symptoms though, let’s take a look at some ways of how to beat sugar cravings at night so you can rid yourself of this dilemma for good.

Tip # 1 – Gradually introduce more fruits and vegetables into your eating plan. This is tip # 1 because once you are fully switched over to eating more natural whole foods rather than processed foods your cravings will go not just at night but during the day as well.

Do some research on a group of foods that are called “negative calorie” foods. These are foods such as: apples, bananas, peaches, grapes, oranges, water melon, pineapple, strawberries, raspberries etc. Along with onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and the list goes on and on.

Make your fruits into a smoothie, snack on them in between meals for a snack or have them as a starter/dessert with a main meal. What you will find here is that as you filter your system from those high sugar processed foods and replace them with natural foods your cravings will gradually disappear.

The sweetness from the fruits will replace and satisfy the sweetness you get from sweets and chocolate etc. Also do not be afraid to eat these foods because they have a carbohydrate content. The carbs are slow release and trust me you will not get fat eating fruit and veg.

Divide your plate into 3 and use your clenched fist as a guide on portion size. For your main meal have 1 portion of rice or potatoe, 1 portion of vegetables/salad and 1 portion of lean protein (white meat, quorn mince or fish).

Snack on negative calorie fruits or smoothies (with protein powder) in between meals and you will notice gradually that your night time cravings will disappear.

Beat Sugar Cravings At Night Video

Tip # 2 – Eat/snack every 2 and half to 3 hours. This is vitally important to keep your blood sugar level up because if it drops too low then your cravings will start to kick in. Always have apples with you to snack on and prepare foods like a tuna salad for when you need to eat quickly.

These lean protein salads do not have to be tasteless. I add crushed chillies and lemon juice in with mine and all my white meat is seasoned for flavour too. No boring tasteless food for me, you should be experimenting with herbs, seasoning and spices to keep you from getting bored with your healthy meals.

Tip # 3 – Avoid Sugar. I know, this may sound really obvious but let me explain what happens here. If you continue to consume processed sugar it will result in the falling of your blood sugar. This will then stimulate a demand in your system for even more sugar and you are back on the old cycle again.

Beat Sugar Cravings At Night Conclusion

This will not be an overnight process so please be patient. Start to educate yourself on negative calorie fruits and vegetables and introduce them gradually into your eating programme. Follow the portion size guidelines mentioned above for fat loss or maintenance.

In closing, for 10% of your meals every week you must enjoy your sugary sweets and junk food. This is really important too as total denial is not the way to break free from your cravings so enjoy your treats either one day a week or over 2 half days. Both of these work really well.

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    • BarryCross profile image

      Barry Cross 5 years ago from York, UK

      I agree Christin! Planning ahead is an absolute must to resist the urge. Especially when you get over tired, thats when if at anytime it hits me the most.

      Thanks for the voting etc. Cheers Barry :)

    • ChristinS profile image

      Christin Sander 5 years ago from Midwest

      I think sometimes the cravings late in the day are more intense than at other times also. Sometimes planning meals out early in the week can help with the urge to grab something fast too. Good hub voted up and useful.