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Beating the Problem of Perspiration with Antiperspirants

Updated on December 24, 2014


Wearing clean clothes, applying fragrant oils, using perfumes, using talcum powder, using soap, taking bath, etc. are all related to the single of goal of that fresh and clean look - the desire to look presentable.

However, even with all these sincere efforts to maintain freshness, we often stumble on the way to find perfection or even some thing close to perfection in maintaining that fresh feeling, and the reason lies within our own bodies - our sweat glands. And the most difficult to manage are there right in the underarms.

One may get doused in gallons of perfumes or take multiple baths in a day, but perspiration washes away every effort in its own steady and consistent manner. Sweat and stink can spoil the whole situation. Perspiration is serious and more so for people who sweat excessively.

But have we human beings ever been thwarted by any problem? No, we keep looking for solutions, and we keep finding them. And the solution for this sweaty problem has also been found - an antiperspirant - a simple and effective way to stop the secretion of sweat and everything else associated with it.

The process behind the concept

But before delving into the mechanism and action of antiperspirants, let’s take some time to understand perspiration. Simply stated, perspiration is the body’s natural action to cool itself when subjected to external or internal heat. By inducing perspiration, the body puts liquid over itself and maintains ideal temperature. Just like a hot surface regains normal temperature when bathed in water, in the same way the body also maintains normal temperature by inducing perspiration whenever required. Antiperspirants target the underarms, because this is where most of the perspiration takes place and causes bad odor.

In the underarms, two types of sweat glands are present, eccrine and apocrine. Eccrine glands are more in number than the apocrine one, and therefore, eccrine glands are responsible for most of the perspiration under the arms. With a good Antiperspirant, perspiration can be effectively controlled, and the body can be saved from being drenched with sweat and its accompanying repulsive odor.

Perspirex Antiperspirant Deodorant

The ingredients that make it happen

Antiperspirants, depending upon the brand, contain a number of ingredients i.e. aluminum salt, antimicrobial agents, alcohol, perfume, moisturizer, conditioner etc. As regard the process, an antiperspirant’s main job is to plug sweat glands under the arm so that sweat does not ooze out. The first step in this process is taken when aluminum salt mixes with underarm sweat and forms a gel-like substance which acts as a plug for sweats glands. Other ingredients present in antiperspirants address important concerns like skin health, odor, bacteria, etc.

The role of ingredients

Alcohol is a sterile substance; it provides hygiene to underarms and also helps in quickly drying the area of application, thus leading to instant comfort and cooling. Some brands also contain perfume to defeat bad odor and provide a pleasant feeling of good smell. However, the odor-free form of Antiperspirants is ideal for a more hygienic experience. Skin conditioners maintain the health of the skin and prevent damage to its natural state.

As mentioned earlier, antiperspirants also contain antibacterial agents. Because of being a closed area and a source of constant perspiration, underarms become a breeding ground for bacteria. The growth of bacteria is directly related to poor odor and hygiene. Antibacterial agents, aluminum salt (naturally anti-bacteria), and alcohol act against bacteria to prevent further breeding. By acting against bacteria, these ingredients keep underarms clean and also prevent bad odor.

Moisturizers form an important part of antiperspirants as they keep underarms moist and prevent accumulation of dry residue. Various types of soothing oils are used to maintain skin health and for easy application on the skin.

Some individuals suffer from excessive perspiration; for them daily living gets inconvenient and bothersome. With the use of antiperspirants, much needed relief can be achieved, which can lead to better productivity at work and a better standard of hygiene. In difficult weather conditions, with high temperature, antiperspirants are very handy in remaining fresh and clean for long hours. In fact, one particular brand known as Perspirex provides up to 5 days of protection with just one application, and in doing so, does not leave behind any stain on clothes.

In a fast paced world, an antiperspirant is a great and easy way to remain fresh even in the most demanding and difficult conditions.

So with this new tool against perspiration, another of those pestering problems for human beings now remains quietly defeated.

An Ideal Antiperspirant

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