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Beating the "Blues"

Updated on August 15, 2011

If you live in the part of the country where people are losing their jobs and the cost for basics are sky-high, then it is no wonder why we are encountering so many people with the “ Blues.” Things have not been easy, and it is a disgrace when our politicians don’t see, asking for more, when there is obviously less, is selfish and downright evil.

They have no idea how depressing this can be for everyone. For the ordinary Joe, not being able to make ends meet for one’s family, kills one’s libido, self-esteem, and basic belief in the government. People don’t see the silver lining anymore, so the “Blues” becomes the norm, and it is no longer a symptom, but an epidemic.

Being unhappy is quite problematic. Life in general is a challenge, and to avoid depression, unhappiness and disparity would be a miracle if your life were not suffering.

Well all have a reason to complain. But because I am the ultimate optimist, I can clearly say, I have faced my own bout with depression, and figured I am in control of how long it was going to last. As a result, I had to look at this objectively and figured out how I was going to overcome the “Blues.”

Here’s what I uncovered on my quest. I knew whatever I was going to do, I knew the answers were right at my fingertips and I was correct. It didn’t cost much, and it was done with out a prescription! I had to develop new coping skills.

I realized it was the same old stuff that I did daily that contributed to my down moods. Consequently, I realized I had to get out of the house. I gave myself a change of scenery. I went to the park. I secretly adopted a tree and came and checked on it, when I was down. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it was another living thing with out judgment, and it became something for me to focus on.

Secondly, I realized I sat in this computer chair all day, and that didn’t help either. Subsequently, I figured out that I had to get up and move and so I did. I danced. Yes, I danced. I put on my old great tunes and play it really loud to fill up all the rooms in the house, and I danced all day, everyday for at least an hour. This made me feel great and look great. How could I be depressed?

Thirdly, I made it my business not to watch anything that would make me sad or unhappy. I cut out all the cop shows, the hospital shows, all the dramas, and I even change the commercials that tries to sell me drugs for conditions I don’t have. I refused to buy into anything that wasn’t positive and uplifting. I even stayed away from the news and pessimistic people for a few weeks. This gave me a chance to free myself up from the other negative factors contributing to my “Blues.”

Then I found my “happy” friends. You know the ones, that no matter what, they always see the bright side of everything, and everything negative as being temporary? Well, that helped a lot. I got out of the house more, did new things, breathed and realized, that the “Blues” is only a temporary state of mind, and it is mind over matter.

And if you don’t have any of these kinds of friends, then find some. Join a support group, take a class, or take a tour and be open and friendly. This will help you expand your social circle and help you in hearing different perspectives on issues that may be affecting you.

So if life is treating you bad, go out and get a sundae, roller skate and do anything that you use to do when you were young, and re evaluate your idea of what happiness is. You don’t need a pill to make you well; you need a change of environment.

There are lots of things to do, but you have to be creative. Now go pack yourself a lunch, take a walk to a place where the scenery is nice. Adopt a tree and recognize you are in full control. Change your attitude, and accept nothing less than positive. This is how you will begin the process to over coming the “Blues” and making it a thing of the past.


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    • Valerie Howard profile image

      Valerie Howard 6 years ago from Fort Lee, NJ

      Hi Husky, thanks for the words of encouragement. I am trying my best to think of things that people would want to know about. I'll keep trying...thanks!

    • profile image

      Husky1970 6 years ago

      Valerie, you certainly came up with a great list of solutions for curing the 'Blues' and I thank you for sharing. Love the dancing suggestion. While reading your hub, I could almost hear the music and see you dancing up a storm. Surrounding yurself with happy and positive friends is a terrific idea to avoid the 'misery loves company' syndrome. Voted up, useful, and beautiful.