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Beautiful things happen in your life when you distant yourselves from all the negative things

Updated on July 21, 2016
Pam Morris profile image

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing.Some eat, smoke, drink or use drugs when stress, I write.

Negative energy comes in countless shades of darkness and can be found almost anywhere. Anyone can be easily affected by negative energy. Is there negative energy in your life? Alternatively, are you just lacking joy? Are you a person who always complains about life?

Well, some things in life are beyond our control and complaining does not help at all. Great things happen to people who learn how to deal with life’s challenges. Also, beautiful things happen in our life when we detach ourselves from negative things.

Positive people look for reasons to believe in themselves while negative people don’t. This is the reason pessimistic people rarely succeed in life. When you are a positive person, you realize that negative energy can ruin your mood and, eventually, affect your life.

Positive people never let the negativity get to them because they refuse to feel helpless and worthless. They find themselves feeling life’s challenges are just temporary and they know they will eventually overcome them. Positive people realize their surroundings have a tremendous impact on their life. So, they remove negative people from their life.

Positive people embrace failure because they realize it is the best way to learn and grow. On the other hand, negative people shut down, feel like a failure and complain about life constantly. Positive people do not waste time complaining when they fail; instead they never give up and work very hard to take back the top again.

The problem with negative people is that they easily give up and refuse to accept the fact that failure is essential. Positive people take full responsibility for any failure in their lives and never blame other for their mistake.

Do we learn from life’s challenges as we live and mature or do they get in our way? Well, there are many obstacles in the world. Nevertheless, it up to us to maintain focus and free ourselves from life’s challenges.

Life consists of family, religion and social media who are always telling us what we should do, how we should live and how we should act or even how we should think. However, we all know no one is perfect, and we also know that perfection is impossible.

Making mistakes is part of life. No one is perfect to be perfectly immune to making mistakes. Positive people correct their mistakes because they know the worst thing they can do is try to cover them up. Unlike negative people, who try to cover up their errors and mistakes, that always blames other.

They sometimes refuse to say sorry if someone is hurt in any way and he or she will make a promise to do better if he or she get caught, but they have not learned their lessons whatsoever. However, let’s keep in mind that beautiful things happen in our life when we detach ourselves from all negative things.

Let us remember life is all about taking risks, and it requires us to make our own choices. Don’t be a person who does not know how to make decisions. Never look back and wonder what you should have done or how something could have been. Learn to look forward and, if you are wondering which way to go, remember it your path to pick and choose; your career will ... Identify and eliminate choose wisely. Remember, you cannot change the past, it best to make the best possible choice and continue to travel life’s journey because no one else will do it for you.

Life consists of countless moments and, from life, we learn that love is a complicated emotion. This is why living and loving is not that easy. We must learn how to get in touch with the silence within ourselves and know that everything in this life has a purpose.

People were created to love and not to be used. However, when a person uses another, the person used becomes hurt and, to them, the world is in chaos. They become vulnerable and withdraw from loving. However, we must not close our hearts like this and stop loving because a positive life filled with love will bring us a better life.

Some people are toxic; we must detach ourselves from them. If they care, they’ll notice and strive to do better. If they do not, you know, you did the right thing. When we distance ourselves from toxic people, the best thing to do is develop a closer relationship with God. We have to be careful not to look back and remember to forget our past mistakes. God will be there to get us through tough times.

When we make a decision to walk alone, we must learn to lean on God to help us along the way. We must understand that making a decision is a big part of life, and everything that happens in our life is no accident. Only God knows the plans He has for us.

Though we must keep away from toxic people, we must remember to tell them that they have to change for the better. This is God’s way of sharing love and God would be proud if we did help one another. We need to stop trying to hold on to people who do not love us or know our value. Learn your value and tell yourself, “Enough with this mess.” Move on and know that the very things we cannot change, end up changing us instead.

Although sometimes significant changes that mean so much to us can happen so fast that the change impacts our mind and hearts. During those times, when our lives have changed, but we still long for the past life before everything was changed that when we feel the greatest pain. However, I can assure you, from my experience, you grow from such great pain, and you will learn to live a better life.

Also, you will find yourself unable to imagine things being the way they were before. Please take the time to allow your heart to heal, set your soul free, and be guided by a hand that will always lead you in the right direction. When it is all said and done, don't forget to trust God and remember beautiful things happen in our life when we detach ourselves from all negative things.

Ways to Heal a Broken Heart

  • Remember, it a breakup, not a breakdown
  • Never wallow in self-pity
  • Know It is not the end of the world
  • Always think positive and believe there’s a real reason the relationship did not work out.
  • Seek guidance from people who will lead you in the right direction like a trustworthy church member or a clergyman.
  • Get a makeover, pamper yourself and be open to a new relationship.

When we are struggling to overcome a broken heart, it is difficult to accept the pain that we feel. It is best to recognize that you are going through an emotional time. Yes, it takes patience and proper guidance to get through a tremendous hurt. The agonizing pain of a disappointed relationship is the grandest suffering anybody can ever experience, especially when we lose something that mean so much to us. This hurt makes it normal to feel confused and sad. Feeling confused, sad and hurt is an essential part of a broken heart.

Now that you are ready to turn off the pain that cut you so deep it time to stop listening to the music that makes you dance to your past love, it is time to jump back into the playing field and look as well as feel different about finding love again. It is time to change your thinking habit, and the next step is to release the hurt that you find so devastating. Next, you need to focus on your mental state of mind from the lost love.

Now you are ready to start controlling your 'visualization'. You will be able to see life crystal as clear as a mirror. You will no longer react to the hurt in a negative way; you are ready to take a chance at love.

How to break away from negative people.

• Stop justifying negative people and things

• Separate yourself from people who belittle your ambitions

• Surround yourself with encouraging people

• Hang with people who support your ambitions

• Let go of judgmental people

• Let go of people who want you in their life as a convenience

• Cut lose people who drain all your positive energy

First, let’s define toxic people. A toxic person is an individual who criticizes almost everything and everybody. They dump their problems on whoever allow them to and do nothing to change their situation.

Now, let express why it important to detox your life from negative people. Negative people fail to support your ambitions and drain all the positive energy. They prevent you from achieving any and all goals. Negative people will cause your stress level to rise tremendously. They will prevent you from manifesting any and every opportunity. Releasing negative people from your life open up room to grow and beautiful things happen in our life when we detach ourselves from all negative things.

Do you agree, "Beautiful things happen in our life when we detach ourselves from all the negative things."

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© 2015 Pam Morris


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    • Pam Morris profile image

      Pam Morris 2 years ago from Atlanta Georgia

      Thank you so much for that excellent insight. I agree with you totally when we learn to let go of negative feelings and face we will sometimes fail beautiful things will happen in our life.

    • Charito1962 profile image

      Charito Maranan-Montecillo 2 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Very enriching! What beautiful insights, Pam! Yes, you're right in saying that we have to learn to let go of negative feelings. I strongly believe that those who know how to face failures and mistakes eventually become better persons. They face life's challenges or struggles with a more mature outlook. And they are happy even in the midst of tribulations!