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Beauty Is Not Just Skin Deep

Updated on March 13, 2018

We live in a world where beauty is only skin deep. All that really matters is what you look like on the outside; for all society cares you can be ugly on the inside. So long as you have a swimmer’s body and dress in the right way, you could be the spawn of the devil and most people will not care.
I believe it is always harder for women to deal with body image issues as opposed to men. There is so much perfection that they have to seek. They are expected to have a flawless face, a perky bosom, flat tummy, huge behind and wide hips. This can be difficult because more often than not we all have that one flaw that completely eats us away.
In this day and age, more people are making an effort to show the world that there is no perfect body. More people are rising up to show others that all shapes and sizes are beautiful. I believe that everyone has a right to be comfortable in their own skin. I really despise those people who make others feel ugly and horrible.
I remember I saw two different campaigns on body love and self-acceptance. Dove featured plus-sized models and that really made me happy because young people out there need to know that even overweight people are beautiful. Many teenagers out there are bulimic simply because society through print and electronic media have taught us that skinny is the only form of beauty. I can relate to this problem. I have never been to the point of bulimia but I remember hating myself because I was too overweight.
I’ve recently read about a blogger who started a movement called saggy boobs matter. I believe that it is a good message for young women everywhere because no one should be afraid of what she looks like. This message works well in both directions. This means that women with saggy boobs learn to accept themselves and realize that they are beautiful and at the same time those with perky breasts and ignorant men who are insensitive to one’s feelings will learn to keep their thoughts in check.
Beauty comes in many shapes, sizes and colors. Be yourself and do not worry about what others think about it. Allow me to quote scripture, kindly. The Bible says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. You were made as you are with a purpose and no one should be allowed to tell you that you are not okay as you are. Accept your flaws and smile at yourself in the mirror.

© 2018 Valerie


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