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A Personal Story About Becoming More Aware Of Growth

Updated on June 11, 2013

I think that it is important to keep a somewhat open mind in life. It is a part of becoming more aware of the world around us and ourselves.

I'm not saying that we should accept every idea or belief into our lives, but I am saying that living with an open mind allows us to become different than we were yesterday or the day before - in short, it keeps us evolving as beings.

However, I have seen many people who become stagnant in their lives. The close themselves off to new beliefs, ideas, and ways of being, and their lives suffer for it in a few ways.

First, they cannot see things from other perspectives, which can hurt their relationships with people.

When you can’t see things from another perspective you become a ‘right fighter’. For instance, in any argument you refuse to let any other opinions or arguments be acknowledged in any way, shape, or form as being right. Always telling other people that they are wrong is not a very endearing quality, because they believe that what they are saying is true, and you are basically telling them that their belief system is wrong.

Second, they miss out on opportunities because they would NEVER do that or could NEVER admit to being curious about something not currently in their lives.

I Not Only See The Light, I Feel It!
I Not Only See The Light, I Feel It! | Source

I Can Feel Myself Becoming More Aware

I am still laughing about this little lesson I just had. The most important thing to remember is that I am genuinely laughing about this, not sarcastically like I may have done in the past.

I am at the library. I come here for a few hours every day to get out of my house (I work from home exclusively).

I am often annoyed and unhappy at the library. Even though I go there for quiet, it is not a quiet place at all! Many people go there to hang out, watch movies, visit, have Skype sessions, and a whole host of other things. Mothers bring their kids here to play, scream, and get out some energy. So, in short, the library is a loud place, and I have spent many days there annoyed and frustrated with people.

Because of that frustration, I have stopped bringing my own computer to the library and I simply use their computers. That way I only have two hours free time on their computers, which gives me enough time to get out of the house, do some work, and appreciate going back home.

Part of bringing your own computer means working in the 'quiet area' that is anything but quiet. There is one lady at the library (Tammy) who is socially challenged. She burps, farts, talks loudly on her phone, and talks to everyone that goes by. She makes it hard to concentrate on working, and she goes there every day so it is impossible to avoid her.

It is said that things and people are put in your life to help you grow, and you can recognize them because they affect you positively or negatively. I now see that Tammy is one of those people.

Finding True Compassion And Becoming More Aware

I have a hard time with negative confrontation. I've never really enjoyed it, but now more than ever I feel very negative after it happens. Not just with my negative confrontations, but also other people's negative confrontations. I find them unnecessary.

So, I heard a negative confrontation going on, and I turned around to see Tammy being scolded by one of the librarians. Instantly I felt bad for her, and I didn't want the librarian to talk to her like that anymore. That is huge for me because I used to want to talk to her like that!

So, after it was over I was sitting there thinking about my new compassion level. I was impressed because I was completely void of feelings of annoyance, and I could see Tammy for who she is and not what I wanted her to be.

It was enlightening.

See! There are lots of computers open! And that is just one side.
See! There are lots of computers open! And that is just one side.

Just as I started to think that I was the most enlightened person EVER, a woman walked behind me, hit my head with her bag, sat down on the computer next to me (all the other computers were open, and this is something that has always annoyed me), hummed and hawed, banged stuff down on the table, and did everything she could to try and distract me from my loving, gentle state.

And guess what? I stayed in a loving and gentle state! In fact, I felt the humor in the situation and I actually laughed inside and felt light during this time.

To me, the universe was saying, "Oh right, you are compassionate. So, lets give you something that normally gets you going and see how you act NOW!"

And I feel like I succeeded at staying loving - which is something I have really been working towards!

I feel pretty damn good!

What Is Even Neater...

The woman could not find her library card amidst her stack of cards and she eventually left. Then, she came back and sat on a different computer instead of the one beside me...which I found incredible. Normally someone annoying would sit back down and the process would begin again.

It was almost like she was just a test to see how I would react, and when I reacted in a positive way it all worked out in my favor.

Since that happened a few other annoying things happened, and I kept thinking that I was going to experience negative feelings - but I didn't! I maintained my compassion for others behaviors and accepted them for what they are instead of wanting to instill my wishes on them.

I Owe It To Being Open Minded

Lately, my anger and other negative emotions have really been taking a back seat in my life. I find that I am more understanding - and now experiencing true compassion. Don't get me wrong, I have always been aware of other people's issues and needs; however, I am not sure that I have fully felt that they were okay being who they are and not who I want them to be.

I feel like I totally owe it to my consistent reading of the Philosophers Notes and to Hay House. Those two things have really been a big part of my days for the last little while, and I have gained a ton of insight from them. I believe they are really influencing my life in a positive way.

This isn't surprising. The more you learn, the more aware you become. I have experienced a ton of positive growth in the past 10 years, but I am amazed at my current ability to recognize this growth and really feel it in the moment.

It is almost like I am not just aware of what to do - but I am putting that awareness into practice full-time instead of part-time.

It is a very cool feeling to have.

Have You Ever Had A Moment Where You Could Feel Yourself Becoming A Better Version Of You?

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This Is What I Feel Like: I Became More Awake Today And What Is Normally Negative Turned Positive 'All Is Well'

Did You Listen To The Video?

Wow. I love every word he said, and like he said - you cannot force others to wake up...that is not your duty. If they benefit from watching you, then cool - but otherwise it is too unpleasant for them to be woken up.

I just gotta say that I'm glad I feel as though I have been becoming more aware about the people and the world around me.

I can feel how much better it is to live in a world where you can be compassionate towards others and live with joy instead of annoyance and anger.


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    • Relationshipc profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Alberta, Canada

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Dora. Ignorance is not bliss - It is amazing what knowledge and understanding can do for happiness.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      5 years ago from The Caribbean

      Congratulations on your growth! My friend and I were talking about the same thing when I opened up your hub. He's farther along than I am, and he was saying that we aspire to grow, we grow faster than we expect. Your experience proves that. Thanks for sharing.


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