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Becoming a Fitness Junkie

Updated on May 16, 2016

Looking Back

I've always been on the slightly chubby side growing up, and it became clear in high school that I was never going to be super athletic. Sure I did sports, I dabbled in baseball, soccer, and track and field, but I was never good at sports. In my efforts to obtain a skinnier, more confident body, I attempted to work out and go on runs, but nothing really ever stuck. It was disappointing, and disheartening. I hung around with a group of friends who were both equally as pretty and fit, and after watching the movie The Duff, I realized that I was the Duff in that group.

Moving On

In my early years of college I attempted again to get fit. There are fitness classes available through the university I attend that I took. Once in a while I hit the gym, only to feel insecure about my fitness abilities, as well as my body. I fell right back into the mindset that I had had in high school, that I wasn't ever going to be fit and that I would always be chubby and ugly.

A Life Changing Event

During the summer before my junior year of college I met someone who has changed my life for the better. Yes I met a guy, who a year later I would call my husband. He was a total fitness nut and it was slightly intimidating. I remember going on hikes with him and I felt totally embarrassed when we had to stop multiple times to catch my breath. Still, he was very sweet and encouraging, helping me become a little more active in my daily life.

After dating for a couple of months I opened up to him about some of my body insecurities. Instead of shaming me for them, he asked what I was going to do about these insecurities. I was a little surprised by his reaction, but it was clear to me that he was willing to help me with whatever I wanted to accomplish.

Getting Started

With the help of my husband I began attending the gym. He started with the basics, teaching me how to properly do exercises, making sure I wouldn't injure myself. Once I got the hang of how to properly lift weights we began tracking my progress and setting goals.

Disclaimer: even though I had a great support system through this process, it was incredibly hard to get going. Being a college student I valued naps, and trading nap time for gym time was hard. It was also incredibly intimidating to attend a gym full of buff fitness crazed people. My insecurities were still very real, and having to start with the simple basics of fitness training was a little frustrating. However, if you're serious about fitness then you MUST start at the basics. Learning how to properly lift weights, or run, or do any fitness program will save you from injury and will help you get the results you want.

Learning to Love

Another frustrating thing was finding results. You are not always going to get the results you want when you want them. Becoming fit is a process, an often slow process. However it is so worth it in the end. It took quite a bit of time before I started loosing a significant amount of weight. I also had to make changes to my diet before any results became super noticeable.

During my so called "fitness journey," I learned that my body is capable of doing so many things. What held me back in the past, and sometimes still does, was what was in my head. When you let those mental blocks in, you aren't going to go far. So move past those blocks. Tell yourself you can do it. Often times my husband won't tell me the amount of weight he is putting on the squat rack because once I hear how much it is, I automatically create a mental block and think "I can't do that!" Don't let that be you. Your body is amazing and you really can do anything you set your mind to.

Not only have I learned that my body can do so much, I have learned to love my body for what it can do. I have also learned to feel confident in myself. I no longer feel like the Duff of my friend group, and I know I can kick butt in and out of the gym.


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