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Becoming a Good Citizen

Updated on February 11, 2010

Becoming a Good Citizen

As you grow into adulthood, you also are expected to take some respon­sibility as a community member. As you are taught at home to protect property, to observe and obey community laws, and to take part in community activities, you will be better prepared to be a good citizen.

A good citizen not only obeys laws, votes, and is interested in government, but he also manages his personal life well so that he can stand on his own feet.

To be a good citizen, you should be a model of good behavior - responsible, honest and of moral courage. You should avoid vices in life - dangerous drugs, excessive liquors, too much smoking and gambling. You can take part in some community projects. You can work together with your neighbors for the im­provement of your community.

Within your family you will learn to establish and follow the patterns of acceptable social conduct for the community. You will also learn your lessons in democracy - to respect the rights of others, consider the welfare of the people, to hear and accept opinions of others even if they are conflicting with yours, and to uphold the dignity of man. You also learn the meaning of independence and responsibility and what is expected of you as a good member and citizen of the community.

You learn how to get along with people within your family. As you grow into a person who is skillful in human relationship, you will have more self-con­fidence and more poise. You will find it easy to get along with people all your life, to have friends and to be the kind of citizen who upholds democracy.



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