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Becoming a Mother - Beating Infertility

Updated on June 19, 2013

Most women have delayed pregnancies, while some never get pregnant. Others decide not to. If you are healthy and wonder why you are not getting pregnant, then this webpage will help you understand better what is wrong with you, and how to treat any problems you might have so you can get pregnant as soon as possible.

Feel free to read the entire page, I am sure you will find plenty of helpful advice and tips on what diet to follow, how to deal with stress, how to listen to your body signs and much more.

The Common Reasons Women Have Problem Conceiving

Physical Problems

Physical issues can bring your pregnancy rate down. It could be weight, habits, eating habits, etc. However, one of the very common reasons is irregular menstrual cycle. Others are lack of ovulation, low sperm motility in the man, luteal phase defect, and low and polycystic ovaries.

Age Factor

Age really does not matter for a healthy female because you can get pregnant even at 45. When a woman is over 35, though, it's considered a top reason for not getting pregnant. If you are not in top shape, then your chances dwindle more. This also goes for your partner. Testosterone levels drop when males age. This can result in a lack of interest in intercourse.


Stress is the most common of all 5 reasons listed here. Women often have to balance home life and work responsibilities nowadays. This causes a lot of stress; unfortunately, stress also lowers your chances of getting pregnant.

Poor Timing of Making Love

It is important to understand your ovulation time. The internet is readily available and doctors can be consulted regarding how best to track your ovulation. It is important to make love during the ovulation period. This is normally considered to fall between 12th day and 18th day after your 1st day of period, but this applies if you have regular periods. Else, it is best to ask a doctor.

Drugs and Smoking

One of the worst ways to have infertility is for a couple to smoke, drink and do drugs. Caffeine, nicotine and drugs like marijuana greatly suppress the production of hormones have shown to cause irregular periods, and reduce sperm.

How Eastern Medicine Treats Infertility Problems

There are many different reasons why couples have a difficult time conceiving. There are also many different ways to solve this problem.

Whether Western or Eastern, there are many different methods and medicine to help, but what s most effective? It is hard to tell, but Chinese medicine has been more popular than others in recent years. It has been gaining steam as of late.

More and more people have started using the Eastern style all over the world. It may seem rare and there are some Chinese medicines and methods more popular than others, but most have become prominent.

The lore is that some of it even targets the unexplained problems with infertility, adding to its popularity and evolving legend. This, in turn, indirectly says that Western medicine simply cannot explain such problems.

If you are one of the many people who have the problem of unexplained infertility, chances are that you’re tried many different methods to solve it and have gone through a battery of tests just to hopefully get any kind of explanation as to why you are facing this certain issue.

If you have not solved the problem by now, you probably have taken all your blood tests and the results have turned out normal and healthy. Still, all you get from your doctor or practitioner are “Keep looking” or “Keep trying.” What you may have missed is that these tests only target some parts of your body.

Chinese medicine, on the other hand, targets basically the entire body and its systems. Even more thoroughly, it is said that it even targets the spirit.

Especially in traditional Chinese medicine, the focus is to first relax the whole body. This is done in order to maximize the entire body’s potential to be at its healthiest and to work as efficient as it is capable of.

Many participants and users have testified to its success, saying it is far more successful compared to Western medicine. Some say that it is more relaxing compared to Western medicine which can be quite tough to deal with.It also sees the importance of the psychological impact on pregnancy. Things like Herbal and acupuncture treatments assist with reducing stress, PMS, and increasing sleep. All these also add energy.

Basically, research says that it is an ancient practice, but its goal has always been to have a balanced approach to total wellness. It goes for the cause, rather than just for the known and obvious effects. Simply, it looks for the underlying problem rather than just treating the symptoms.

Of course, it is very important to know and to always remember that traditional Chinese medicine is not foolproof. There are no guarantees. What it does effectively, though, is to help you maybe be introduced to a new way of looking at things.

A new perspective and a fresh view of a problem are always good. It offers a new perspective that western medicine just does not have, even among practitioners from the west.

Things You Can Do at Home to Improve Your Chances to Get Pregnant

One of the most important decisions you’ll ever make is starting a family. The entire journey is exciting for you as a couple. Of course, getting pregnant isn’t easy, with 25% of couples having difficulties. Improve your chances by doing these simple things, then you’re on your way.


Not being just the right weight affects your ability to become pregnant. Also, food and drinks you take has an effect on your reproductive system, thus, maintaining a balanced diet by eating moderately including needed nutrients must be done.

Eliminate the caffeine and alcohol in your diet. Research shows that consuming any amount of alcohol reduces your chance of pregnancy by 50%. Drinking just one cup of coffee a day has the same effect on your fertility.


Aerobics, walking, cycling, and swimming help you maintain a healthy body weight while improving fertility. An ideal body weight balances hormones and helps pregnancy. Over exercising is just as detrimental as not exercising at all, and uses up your energy.

The stress of getting pregnant also affects your chances of getting pregnant. Don’t worry if you haven’t conceived after an attempt or two. It usually takes at least six months to a year on average. If you’ve been unsuccessful for a year, though, consult your doctor or discuss possible fertility issues.


Pregnancy depends on fertility and women are most fertile during ovulation. Although chances are highest during ovulation, the fertile period actually begins four or five days before and continues up to two days after. It’s possible that you and your partner are having sex outside this time. Avoid improper timing by starting to monitor you cycle closely. If you have an average cycle, your ovulation will probably occur in the middle.

Therefore, your fertile period lasts from days 11-16 and highest at 13-15. Since sperm can live in the body for four to five days, have sex just before your ovulation in order to maximize your chances at getting pregnant.


Having sex regularly is important when attempting conception. Due to long periods of abstinence, old sperm count in the semen increases, thus decreasing its ability to fertilize the egg. Having sex every two days refreshes semen, resulting in better sperm quality.

With all this said, just having sex regularly is not enough. Consider your positions during intercourse as well. Best chances are when sperm is deposited as close to the cervix as possible and certain positions give you that. The “from behind style” and “missionary position” are best, because they have deeper penetration, encouraging ejaculation closer to the cervix. Avoid positions that cause sperm to leak out of your body. These include standing or sitting positions.

After having sex, lie flat on your back with your hips elevated at a 30° angle for about 15 minutes to prevent the sperm from leaking out. It also relaxes your cervical muscles and vaginal muscles, easing your cervical mucus flow and thus assisting the sperm in making its way to the egg for fertilization.


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    • profile image

      Caleb Hart 3 years ago

      I'm sure it is very difficult to be infertile. When you want to start a family, but you can't; that is really sad. My wife and I just got pregnant and my sister is infertile. I feel guilty, and I want to help my sister with her problem.