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Becoming an Early Riser

Updated on May 30, 2008

"Early to bed, Early to rise, makes a many healthy, wealthy, and wise". ~Benjamin Franklin

Statistics show that early risers really are more productive. This makes it important for those who are wanting a truly successful lifestyle to figure out how to become an early riser. It is easy for some people who seem to navigate toward that, but it can be done by all (even us natural night owls).

5 Steps to Becoming an Early Riser

  1. Skip the night time activities. Many of us like to do a wide variety of low energy activities right before bed. Some read, others watch TV, or use the computer. However, these activities encourage us to think and work on keeping our brains awake and active. They can also become addictive and keep us up longer then we should be awake (just one more chapter, one more episode, or one more level!). Stop these sorts of activities about thirty minutes before bed. This is an excellent time to get into your bed time routine.
  2. Go to bed when you are tired. This is a huge part of making it all work. While it isn't always easy, it should be noted that it is the best thing to do for becoming an early riser. This way you are regulating the amount of sleep you need. You can stay up late when you aren't tired, but going to bed when you are tired will make sure you are ready to get up in the morning.

  3. Set a bed time routine. Our bodies love routines. Get in the habit of doing the same things, in the same order to get ready for bed and to make it easier to go to sleep and fall asleep. You can shower, brush your teeth, and even do meditation and relaxation techniques before bed.

  4. Don't hit the snooze button. While it is so tempting to ask the alarm for a few more minitues this is often something that makes us even more tired. It is best to get up when the alarm rings. This way we aren't falling back to sleep and waking up in the middle of our sleep cycles.

  5. Set a morning routine. A morning routine can be as helpful as a night time one. This can be what or how you eat breakfast. It can include your coffee (or OJ), brushing your teeth, and getting ready for the day.

"The early bird catches the worm." ~William Camden

Lifestyle Changes

Some of us seem to function better staying up late and getting up late. However, in this world, most of us can't actually succeed and go far with this method of sleep. Instead we must sleep when the world sleeps and be awake when the world is awake. With that in mind, many find that they do best with an early rising lifestyle.

Night Owls Who Refuse

If you are a night owl who can make it work, good for you. Just make sure that you are using your awake hours (whenever they may be) to be productive and to work hard. Success comes from hard work and determination!


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  • stevemark122000 profile image

    stevemark122000 9 years ago from Southern California

    Very good advise. I find my most productive hours are when I get up early in the morning. I know from experience that importance of not doing activities that are to mind stimulating late at night. I usually cannot sleep until I unwind for about an hour before bed. I agree about the importance of routine. I go to bed around the same time every night. Usually never have a problem falling a sleep and I don't need an alarm clock to wake up. I just automatically wake up around 6 am every morning.