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The BEST Bed Bug Bite Treatments

Updated on January 14, 2014
Treatment for bed bug bites
Treatment for bed bug bites

Caring for and Treating Bed Bug Bites

Hello again! The questions that I get asked the most often are about bed bug bite treatment options. First off, I am terribly sorry to hear about your infestation. I have been there before and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Living with the knowledge that these insects have rudely invaded your house is bad enough. To make matters worse, they feed on us while we sleep!

Getting bitten by tiny little parasites is a terrible experience. Below are wonderful bed bug bite treatment options to help you in your fight against these bugs. If you have an infestation on your hands then a little bit of relief will go a long way in getting your sanity back. I hope that will lead to you regaining the upper hand and evicting these free loaders for good! Before we discuss how to treat bed bug bites, let’s talk go over a few important things.

Are You Actually Dealing With Bed Bugs?

It is difficult to give you a description of what bed bug bites look like since everyone reacts differently to being bitten. Sometimes people don’t have a reaction and don't even know it is happening. Before you get started, make sure you are not suffering from another type of insect bite. This video will help you determine if you have a bed bug infestation.

What are the health risks of getting bitten?
What are the health risks of getting bitten?

The Importance of Proper Treatment of Bed Bug Bites

Learning the proper care and bed bug bite treatment options is imperative when dealing with these vile insects. Researchers have found that they carry up to forty human pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. Fortunately, they are not capable of transmitting them to humans. However, there are still many risks for adverse health effects. There have been cases of MRSA being contracted from bite victims scratching their skin and causing a secondary infection. It is important to note that the MRSA is not contracted from the bed bugs. These people merely had the bacteria on them already and then opened up their skin allowing it to enter the body. Proper care and treatment is extremely important.

There are also a few other dangers of not having a good bed bug bite treatment plan. Repeated exposure to bed bug bites over time can cause insomnia and constant agitation. If you believe you are suffering from a secondary infection due to your bites or have had prolonged exposure to being bitten, you should contact your doctor.

Treatment plan for bed bug bites
Treatment plan for bed bug bites

Treatment Options for Bed Bug Bites

Step 1: Wash the affected areas with soap. Don't scrape or scratch the bites.

Step 2: Gain relief from itching and irratation with these home remedies:

  • Ice or heat

  • Peppermint Oil

  • Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol

  • Honey

  • Witch Hazel

  • Mint

  • Garlic

Step 3: Additional Relief, Treatment and Sterilization

  • Aloe Vera

  • Cornstarch Paste

  • Baking Soda Bath

Step 4: Over The Counter Treatment Options:

  • Cortisone cream (healing, inflammation, itch relief)

  • calamine lotion (healing, inflammation, itch relief)

  • Benadryl (swelling and allergic reactions)

  • Ibuprofen (swelling and pain relief)

  • Zyrtec (allergic reaction)

Get Rid of The Itch? Now Get Rid of The Bugs!

Now that you have some relief, take the next step. Bed bugs are not going to stop biting unless you take steps to eliminate them for good. Take a look at this video to learn about the best treatment plan, sanitation measures, and preventative tools that you can use to reclaim your home.

Everything You Need To Know About Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

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