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Bed Wetting Solutions: What Parents Need to Understand

Updated on April 26, 2010
A Parent's Support is Vital
A Parent's Support is Vital

An embarrassing part of growing up as a kid can be bed wetting. The problem is two times as common in boys as in girls although any perfectly healthy child may wet their bed. One must always remember that bed wetting solutions are not found by telling the kid it is their slip up and that you are disappointed in them. If you were a bed wetter as a child, there is a more than 50% probability that one of your own kids is faced with bed wetting problems.

Bed wetting can occur because of slower bladder development; this is most likely the case when bed wetting is runs in the family. Other sources are that the kid has kidneys that do not quit urine production at night or the kid is very heavy sleeper. Essentially, nocturnal urination isn’t a sign of poor health; it is solely an uncomfortable part of childhood for particular children.

Genetics can Increase the Chance for Bed Wetting
Genetics can Increase the Chance for Bed Wetting

Encouragement Leads to Improvement

The real harm that bed wetting creates is to your kid's sense of self worth. Knowing that their classmates do not endure, (or would obviously never bring up that they have) this problem and the fear of attending a sleepover can cause lowered confidence and feelings that something is wrong with them. It is crucial to be caring as you explore bed wetting solutions because a child who experiences any angry emotions from you could cause the issue to get worse because of the extra worry and unease a kid would be put through.

Some uncomplicated habits to start treating bed wetting is to encourage your child go to the bathroom right before bed time, even if a kid claims they don't feel like going. Disallowing the child have anything to drink 2 hours before bed will also decrease the amount of urine in their bladder during the night. Being organized by using plastic mattress protectors and nighttime training pants can help a child feel more empowered about the situation.

A Bed Wetting Alarm
A Bed Wetting Alarm

Techniques and Solutions

Newer bed wetting solutions, that were not around for most adults when they were growing up, include alarms. There are many alarms available but the essential design is that the alarm rings the moment dampness is detected. This wakes up your child as soon as the first drop of pee is released so that they can run to the bathroom . Alarms are an incredibly useful tool for the majority children. Studies indicate that after a couple weeks of use, 75% of children were dry by morning.

For some parents and kids, setting a scheduled time every night where your child has to wake up to use the toilet works. Trying this puts more control in the hands of the kid and can work very well for a very independent child. If a small bladder is the source of bed wetting, bladder stretching exercises may be the remedy.

How to Wear an Alarm
How to Wear an Alarm

Stay Positive for your Child

As previously mentioned, all of these techniques will be ineffective if your kid's outlook is not taken into account. If you wet the bed as a child, disclose your memories and experiences with your kid. Always keep in mind, children prosper off of approval from their parents, so anytime your child does a good job let them know and it will encourage that behavior.

Most kids will stop bed wetting with age but trying to unravel the issue faster saves everyone a lot of sleep and makes the child to feel more self-confident and uninhibited. You may need to mix and test some of these techniques since each child responses to things differently.

You can learn more about bed wetting solutions and tips on how to manage other common childhood matters.


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      8 years ago

      Very good hub. Staying positive for the child is the most important of all, couldn't agree more.


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