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Bee Pollen for Menopause

Updated on September 5, 2011

Bee Pollen for Menopause

Bee pollen for menopause seems to be a very hot topic. It is understandable why most women will look at any possible remedy to assist them with getting through the symptoms of menopause.

75% of menopausal women suffer from hot flashes, sleep disturbances, vaginal dryness and mood swings. Studies have also shown that you have a more than 50% chance of developing sexual dissatisfaction and loss of desire.

Since that ordeal can last for months to more than several years a woman has to get a handle on it early on. Otherwise she risks it controlling all she does and that isn’t the right way to live your life.

Then a woman has other concerns to deal with on top of menopause and it is enough to make her moody, stressed out, and not happy with what is taking place in her life at that point in time.

The effects from menopause can range from mild to severe for any woman. They can be chronic or they can be sporadic. They can occur at any time too. Some women have only one or two of these symptoms and others seem to be able to go down the entire list and identify each of them as something they have to contend with.

Because this is a big market and women in general will try most anything to aleviate the problems, they have used products that didn’t offer them any real relief from menopause symptoms.

Another factor that is frustrating is that many products on the market for menopause cause side effects. It can be very frustrating and disappointing to pay for one item after another and find that they don’t work.

Bee pollen for menopause has great possibilities though, due to the amino acid that is created as the bees collect the pollen. These amino acids help the body to reduce problems such as irritability and hot flashes. Hot flashes themselves can cause insomnia and mood changes because the body and mind are simply over tired.

There are so many nutrients found in bee pollen that a woman going through menopause can really benefit from taking a bee pollen supplement.

Not only can bee pollen help to offset the negative elements of menopause though, it also helps a woman to be able to avoid serious weight gain that can be associated with menopause. When a woman is facing weight gain at this time it only adds to the anxiety and depression.

Bee pollen for menopause can be the way for a woman to really get control over what is taking place within her body, not only that, but keeping the best till last, it can also help a women to slow down the aging process, to have more energy, and to feel great overall.


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