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Beetroot and it Benefits

Updated on September 10, 2013

Beetroot great use as food and wonderful for health

Beetroot is an interesting root vegetable available in the market. Some call them beets, table beets or golden beets .
It comes with leaves.
The root or the bulb is what we use for eating purposes.
You can also use the leaves for eating, their taste is very similar to spinach.
These leaves have more flavonoids compared to the roots
Beetroot is purple pink in color and it adds sweet flavor to our recipes.
Used in salad as raw vegetable, eaten as cooked food or you can drink its juice.
I love having a mixture of carrot and beetroot juice.
It gives an instant feeling of coolness as it beats the heat
Hope you also enjoy drinking its juice.
Another favorite of mine is eating as salads
Besides an addition as food, beetroot gives immense health benefits.
Great in nutrition beetroots prevent many diseases.
In this article I will tell you the list of it benefits
When you read these benefits you will start loving these roots.
And those who have never eaten this food will now start eating it.
Just enjoy these natural delight.

Great Nutrition Package

Nutrition one thing that makes beetroot one of the healthiest foods. Let us discuss the great nutrition package these beetroots consists of :

- This vegetable contains 0 cholesterol
- There is no trans fat, no saturated fats. These are dangerous for body health.
- Contain a very small level of calories around 43kcal per 100 grams. So you can consume beetroots without fearing that you are going to increase the fat content in the body
- You get a good amount of folate by consuming beetroot. Around 27% of daily requirement.
- It has great levels of nitrates and betaine. These are great for our health
- Loaded with lot of minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, copper etc for making your body healthy

Nutrition in 100 grams raw beetroot

% of Daily body requirement based on 2000 calorie diet
1.6 g
9.6 g
- Dietary Fiber
2.8 g
- Total Sugar
3.97 g
0 mg
Total Fats
0.2 g
-Saturated Fats
0 g
-Monounsaturated Fats
0 g
-Polyunsaturated Fats
0.1 g
Vitamin A
33 IU
Vitamin C
4.9 mg
0.040 mg
0.031 mg
Vitamin B6
0.1 mg
109 mcg
16 mg
325 mg
9 %
0.8 mg
23 mg
40 mg
0.1 mg
78 mg
0.7 mcg
0.4 mg
0.3 mg
16 %
Information Source : USDA Nutrient Database

Health Benefits of beetroots

A) Lowering High Blood Pressure
High blood pressure is a major problem in todays high pace world.Beetroots is on the vegetables that have the ability to lower high blood pressure. You can eat as well as drink the beetroot juice. But to have a great result in lowering BP it is best you drink a glass of beetroot juice. Check your BP after 3-6 hours . You will find that the systolic reading of blood pressure( high reading in BP) gets reduced by approx 10 points. The reason why beetroot are so effective in hypertension is due to the presence of high levels of nitrates. NItrates gets converted into nitric oxide in our body. This nitric oxide relaxes our blood vessels and at the same time makes them wider. Hence there is now no pressure on blood vessels during the flow of blood resulting in lower BP. Nitrates in form of vegetables are the safest way to eat without having any side effects. To have a control on BP drink beet root juice reqularly

B) Boosts Liver health
Liver plays a major role in our body. Its main function is filtering blood, detoxification, production of hormones etc. If we have super liver health we have a great healthy body and various diseases are prevented. Another function of beetroots is that it boosts liver health. This vegetable is loaded with minerals and vitamins like betaine, antioxdants, iron , vitamin B complex etc. All of these nutrients help in maintaining healthy liver. The major nutrient that plays a big part in liver health is betaine. Beetroots have betaine in high quantity. This betaine helps in liver detoxification, aids, removes fat deposits in liver and thus improving pile flow. Eat raw or drink beetroot juice for live health benefits. You can even for combination beetroot and other vegetables/fruit juices.

C) Cures Anemia
Iron deficiency leads to anemia. Anemia is a condition in which you have low red blood cells. This condition is normally seen in pregnant ladies and in older individuals. Few red blood cells will make you feel feel tired. This superfood-beetroot contains iron and copper. These 2 minerals are very effective in treating anemia. They help in red blood cell formation thus putting an end to anemic conditions. Drinking a glass of beetroot is the cure for this disease.

D) Cancer Protection
Betacyanin is the pigment in beetroots that gives it a crimson purple color. This betacyanin have anti-cancer properties as they inhibit cell mutations. Thus protecting you against skin, colon, lung and breast cancers. A regular eating of beetroots is great for anti-cancer benefits. Apart for anti-cancer benefits, beetroots strengthens our immunity. When immunity is strengthened , you are less likely to have diseases like cancer. Blood purification, improving digestion etc other benefits from beetroot all contribute towards protecting you from this malaise. Basically this beetroot is a package of many benefits

E) Increases your Stamina
Having a great stamina is must for those in sports and physical activities. Beetroots come here as rescue for such people. It boosts your stamina. How it does is due to the high presence of nitrates. Nitrate rich diets lead to widening of your blood vessels and regulating blood pressure. When blood vessels size is increases there is an increase in the amount of blood going to our organs. Bloods primarily function is to carry oxygen to our various parts of body. Thus more oxygen flow in the body. More oxygen means you have great stamina to carry these laborious works or games for longer duration. Well before going for such physical performances or work , drink a glass of beetroot. You must be wondering why not raw beetroots in this case. The reason is simple eating raw will fill your stomach with fiber and that is not a good idea when your going for exercising.

F) Heart Healthy tonic
Beetroots lead to lowering of heart related ailments. Betacyanin, pigment antioxidant present in beetroot leads to lower the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. Soluble fiber in beetroots leads to lowering of cholesterol. Another nutrient betaine present in high quantity in beetroots lower the levels of homocysteine. Homocysteine is responsible for increase in cardiovascular diseases. And on top of all this beetroot has the ability to lower high BP. The result of all these is lowering as well a prevention of heart diseases.

G) Improves digestion and prevents constipation
Dietary fiber in beetroots improves the bowel movement and cleanses colons. Thus preventing constipation and improving digestion. Betaine in beetroot increase stomach acid levels. Low stomach acid levels lead to bad absorption of nutrients, increase in bacterial infections, poor digestion and bloating.

H)Treatment for gout
Beetroots have the cleanser abilities leading to removal of uric acid from the body. Thus treating gout which is caused by excess uric acid accumulation in the body.A juice of beetroot or combination of beetroot juice and carrot juice aids in curing uric acid.

I)Aids in strong bones, teeth and preventing osteoporosis
Silica mineral in beetroot leads to efficient calcium absorption by our body. This leads to strong bones and teeth. Thus preventing osteoporosis.

J)Good for brain
Beetroot is a high nitrate diet. Nitrates produces nitric oxide in the body. This nitric oxide dilate blood vessels leading to increase blood flow to the brain. Increased oxygen levels to brain improves cognition, prevents diseases like dementia. So old people should drink a glass of beetroot juice

J)Leads to healthy beautiful skin
Beetroots rich in antioxidants prevent aging of skin. Beetroots purifies blood leading to glowing skin. Anti-inflammation qualities of beetroot cure acne and many skin blemishes / problems. Protects skin against sun damage.All this lead to healthy beautiful skin

K)Boosts Sexual health
Beetroots is a natural aphrodisiac. Boron in beetroots leads to production of sex hormones in human body. Thus boosting sexual health

L)Enhances Immunity
Your immunity will get a boost on eating beetroot. Vitamins and minerals like B-carotene, Folate ,Vitamin C, Zinc, Iron etc in beetroot increases our body's immunity.

M)Make you feel happy
Beetroots increase the production of serotonin chemical in brain. Serotonin makes you feel happy . It keeps depression miles away from you.

N)Benefits of folate to pregnant ladies

Beetroots salad recipe

Juice recipes using beetroot

Beetroot is best used for making juice. Various types of juices can be made using beetroot
You can make the following juices at home
a)Beetroot , celery and carrot juice
Things required 1 beetroot , 2 carrots and 1 celery stalk.
Steps involved are
1)Wash all 3 ingredients
2) Remove the outer covering of carrots and beetroot
3) Put all the 3 ingredients in juicer
4) Enjoy the juice

b)Beetroot , cucumber and pineapple juice
Things required 1 beetroot , 1 small cucumber and 1/2 pineapple.
Steps involved are
1)Wash all 3 ingredients
2) Remove the outer covering of cucumber, beetroot, pineapple
3) Put all the 3 ingredients in juicer
4) Enjoy the juice

c)Beetroot , carrot and tomato juice
Things required 1 beetroot , 2 carrots and 1 tomato.
Steps involved are
1)Wash all 3 ingredients
2) Remove the outer covering of beetroot and tomato
3) Put the 3 ingredients in juicer
4) Enjoy the juice

c)Beetroot and apple juice
Things required 1 beetroot , 2 apples .
Steps involved are
1)Wash all 2 ingredients
2) Remove the outer covering of beetroot
3) Put the 2 ingredients in juicer
4) Enjoy the juice

d)Beetroot and Pomegranate juice
Things required 1 beetroot , 1 cup of pomegranate seed.
Steps involved are
1)Wash beetroots
2) Remove the outer covering of beetroot
3) Put the 2 ingredients in juicer
4) Enjoy the juice

Try these various combinations at home .
You will love these drinks and the best part is these are very healthy.

Other uses of beetroots

You can eat beet root by cooking and incorporating in various food recipes.
There is beet wine in the market.
The beet pigment is used making inks.
Beet Jam, paste, jellies, desserts, ice-creams, sweets and lots more


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