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Begin Anew!! Rise To Power!!

Updated on May 23, 2016

The Will to Power


Do you feel like a failure?

Do you feel like a failure?

See results

So for all of you who answered "Yes"; this is the article for you and for those who have answered "No"; you should stick around this knowledge might help your friends who have just gotten themselves into a mental rut of depression and pain.

Is this how you feel right now
Is this how you feel right now | Source

This is how I felt two months ago. For you see I have failed in my studies, relationships and business.I felt depressed,lonely and scared of my future. I know I could have done better but I had multiple psychological barriers in my mind at that time and helped usher in my defeat and failures.

I almost went this path
I almost went this path | Source

So I did some research,red some books and tried them all out.Now I am here to share what I have learned, what worked for me and how one should apply the knowledge. In order to help all of you out there who have felt the pangs of depression and the fires of failure.

1) We all fail from time to time

I have red and also noticed that most of us fail but we are all too stuck up in our heads to notice the demise and failure of others.

Know that you are not alone in your failures.

2)Failure is a process to find out what works

Sometimes, we just suck. No really, we just suck.

We force ourselves to be good at something that we have no talent for. In my case I was a programmer but found the mental workload too challenging.

I now write articles to help others increase the quality of their life; I do not know if I will succeed or not but I am doing my best and am now no longer depressed and making money out of the articles that I create.

Remember the Edison quote?

That guy changed the world
That guy changed the world | Source

3) Have Some Grit

I got this concept from this book.

The guys an ex-navy seal and he has taught me many things in it and not just how to get back on your feet.

Sometimes we easily give up without even trying(I know I did), at the first sign of difficulties and hardship we run away cowering into the corner.

Don't be this guy


Be this Guy

Did Leonidas Fail? Yes But was he awesome?
Did Leonidas Fail? Yes But was he awesome? | Source

4) Take Baby Steps

Sometimes we aim too high or make goals without even considering the plausibility and the probability of success.

We jump into the fray without a plan or direction.

Hear this guy out

Thank you Mr.Franklin, thank you
Thank you Mr.Franklin, thank you | Source

And even if we have a plan. Remember to pace yourselves. Life is a marathon so please don't sprint unless you plan to burn yourself out.

Speaking of plans

5) We Over plan

Remember the Nike Slogan?


Sometimes things are just too complicated for us to process. Taking action will keep your brain busy and may help you forget your failures.

6) The Winner Effect

If you didn't click on the video above, the winner effect basically states that;"the more you win, the more you will become confident and take more risky or challenging actions in the future".

Winning also apparently increases testosterone which makes you feel more confident. So just like in a video game; attack the small fries first to build experience before moving on to attack the bigger badder boss.

Attack The Minions First!!



7)Chill out

Yes you heard me. Learn to relax and take your time. You will not always be successful all the time because that's how life works. However you can be successful most of the time if you know how to work hard and play hard.

Sharpen the ax:

Take a break


Take a break and you might be surprised how productive you will be.

So far that was all I needed to help get back on track. Writing this article is proof that I'm ready to take on the problems of the world again.

Are you?

Please rate my article, I would like to improve my writing and provide you with quality content :)

5 stars for The awesome article

Do you fell like a loser now?

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