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Beginners Weight Management

Updated on January 28, 2018

Change is gradual

Eating a healthy diet can be easier than you think. Replace unhealthy foods with better alternatives. Try a couple of new healthy foods each week. Cook foods in different ways and use spices. Start your day with a healthy breakfast. Have three meals a day. If you feel hungry between meals you can try eating five smaller meals instead. And you can still eat your favorite not so healthy foods, but only once in a while.


want this?
want this? | Source

Use small changes

Forget crash diets, intensive exercise programs and counting calories you will not be able to follow these. The best way to manage weight is to change your old habits.

This can take some time. You need to take small steps instead of trying to transform overnight. You will get better results.

Burn weight off



Organizing your time will help you find time to exercise regularly. Set a regular schedule. Walking for thirty minutes a day or by riding your bike to work are good ways to exercise. Exercising will tone your body and burn excess calories. Work out for twenty minutes a day or do a longer workout session each week. Do exercises you enjoy so your exercise program stays fun and keeps your interest. You could join a team, play a sport, or sign up for a martial art class and acquire some new skills. Dancing, aerobics in the water, or playing with your children are also great ways to exercise.

Live healthy

Losing weight isn't as hard as you think. Just focus on a healthier lifestyle instead of counting calories and you will get the results you want

Play is exercise

Have fun exercising
Have fun exercising | Source

Beginning Your Weight Management

Body image, self-esteem, heath benefits are good reasons lose weight. Losing weight reduces risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, helps lower cholesterol, controls blood sugar, and blood pressure. There are several easy steps that anyone can do to skip the crash diets and nourish their bodies.

Recognize that food is fuel. Food has emotional stigma for many people which can trigger cravings. Starchy foods like pasta and sweet foods like cake are good examples. By recognizing that food is simply fuel for your body, food ceases to have an emotional hold on you and your mind.

Moderation when Indulging

It's OK to slip
It's OK to slip | Source

Try the 80/20

To lose weight quickly, the best foods are sources of lean protein, calciferous vegetables, and complex carbohydrates. Again make small changes. swap brown rice instead of white rice, wheat bread instead of white, or sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes. overly processed foods or foods with lots of added ingredients are going to take longer to process and will put strain on organs responsible for filtering. The most important thing to remember is you don’t have to be perfect, an 80/20 split between healthy eating and splurges will work fine. If you really want that cookie moderation is the key.

Drink Water

Here's another tip. Drink water. Since the human body made of roughly 70% water. A common problem is confusing dehydration with hunger drinking a glass of water when you feel hungry will help prevent this. Drinking water before and after a meal helps digestion and makes you to feel fuller. Swap large plates for smaller. This makes it look like you have more food, and you aren’t tempted to take more.

Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Just what makes you gain weight? There are a wide variety of factors that cause people to gain weight. Identifying these can help determine your first steps. Trouble resisting certain foods, difficult not take advantage of free food, too tired or busy to shop or cook healthy meals? Is your family supportive? Throw out junk food and fill the refrigerator with healthy alternatives. For those intense emotions that spur your eating call a friend or take a walk.



Move More

You are not going to lose weight by cutting calories alone. You have to get moving. That doesn't mean an aerobic marathon, but have a regular exercise routine and make it a habit. You should do some exercise three or four times a week. Be active whenever you can. Park further away from the store, take the stairs instead of the elevator or simply get up and walk around, you can pace while you are on the phone, all these little spurts add up.

Do You diet?

How Do You Diet?

See results

Plan Ahead

Have a plan for occasions when making a healthy choice may not be easy. Take your own lunch do a special order for a luncheon. The caterer won’t blink an eye at a special request, just get it in ahead of time. Do you crave sweets at night? Try a cup of Oolong tea with a couple of squares of dark chocolate before bed. Oolong tea will actually help burn off calories, too.

Fill up on fruits and veggies or try a bowl of soup before the meal. Foods high in water like green, leafy vegetables, watermelon, cantaloupe, apples, or pineapple are filling and very good for you. High volume foods are a great way to fill up without filling out. Eating a bowl of soup before the main meal will fill you up so you won’t eat as much. Make it something that is not cream based, such as vegetable or chicken broth.

You can do this

A steady, sustained weight loss that you will keep off for the long term is not only about losing weight, it is about being healthy and feeling good.

this article is part of a series on dieting. if you want to know more about dieting clink the link below.


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