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Beginning Yoga

Updated on February 6, 2014


Doing Yoga

Yoga is the best way to release tension in your body and also stress. It is good if you do not want to do challenging exercises I do Yoga on and off for four years and i still love doing it. My favorite poses are downward dog position and I think it is called the baby position. There are some other poses that I know but I do not remember the names. Night Yoga is the best because it is relaxing and after the exercise you can drink hot tea. When your joints hurt, there are some great poses for beginners and advanced people. There are some poses that are very easy for you. When you start getting used to it, you can try to practice the intermediate and advance poses. There are great poses for people with stress like downward dog. Breathing is very essential when doing Yoga because it sometimes makes the pose easier. There are Yoga apps to help you learn the poses if you have an Android and/or iPhone. There is a good Yoga technique on a app I have that helps relax your brain and eyes. You place your thumb on your right nostril and breathe out of your left nostril, then you breathe out of your right nostril by holding your left with your middle and ring finger.

Doing Yoga

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    • Kevina Oyatedor profile image

      kevina oyatedor 4 years ago

      @Lady E It is very relaxing. The apps are good if you can find a good with all the poses you can do. Thank you for the comment.

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 4 years ago from London, UK

      Very relaxing to do and it's nice to know there are Iphone applications for it. I didn't know that.