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Getting a Clue on How to Begin Weight Training

Updated on December 12, 2017
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My work with top natural health professionals and experience as a fitness instructor teach me health tips that I am proud to share.

If you want to get in shape with weights and don't have a clue how to begin, just realize that you need to start a beginner’s weight training program. Once you realize you are a beginner, you are on the right track to getting in shape and staying in shape. Starting a fitness program correctly is more than half the battle. Of course, the other parts are sticking with it and seeing the positive results.

Starting your beginner’s weight training program, you will learn to perform the movements on the weight machines. It’s important to ask a lot of questions – never think you are asking too many questions. If you haven't used weight machines ever, then approaching them can be intimidating. On the average, after about two or three solid workouts with the machines, you will begin to develop your confidence. The key to success is to make sure during your orientation the trainer assigns you an exercise for every body part and you are properly fitted to the machines. Every body part involves your legs (front and back) and calves. Then, your glutes, upper and lower back, shoulders and arms. Gyms have machines for the whole body. You need to learn to use each machine for each body part. That is all that you do – no more.

It is also important to know that there is a relationship between doing a weight training workout and the cardio equipment. Right now, you need to focus on your weight training program. Once you are familiar with the program you can find out about taking advantage of a treadmill or an ecliptic machine.

Stick to the Program

As you embark on your beginner’s weight training program, you might feel that you are not getting results. But, you need to realize that you are stressing your body and the results will come. Even if you feel you are not working out hard enough, you are working at the right capacity. The first workout with weight machines feels too easy for beginners. After the due course, the program will begin to feel harder – more than you might think. So, simply do the machines for each body part and call it a workout. You don’t want to overdo it on the first day.

You don’t want to injury your body, but you really want to get in shape and be stronger. If you have that point of view then your workout will be in your favor. You need to train your mind and your body the routine of working out. Each movement on the machine needs to be deliberate and practiced with full concentration on your part. The body is a wonderful achievement and responds positively to a standard workout. But, the key for safety and success is to follow the rules and don’t cheat yourself.

Be Consistent

The site will help you in many ways. However, you do need to listen to your trainer at the gym. The first routine the trainer gives needs to be done consistently, three times a week for three weeks. Once the third week arrives, you need to increase your weight on the machines, so you are performing up to three repetitions on each machine for three days. When you reach the fourth week, you need to evaluate your progress. If you like what you see and feel great, then continue with the machines. If you are not happy with your progress, you need to visit with the trainer and find out if you are doing the routine correctly and start from there.

Getting in shape doesn’t happen overnight. You are starting a beginner’s weight training program. You need to establish a strong foundation for your future as a fitness enthusiast. The fact that you want to get in shape is fantastic. You need to pace yourself without demanding too much from your body.

Working the Arms

The muscles at the back of your upper arm are known as triceps. It’s a pretty nifty muscle that stretches the lower arm outward while it contracts. The triceps work with the biceps, controlling almost every arm movement. In order to tone triceps, extensions need to be applied, eliminating the flabby jingles. You either sit or stand and hold a dumbbell with your hands facing back behind the head. You need to keep the elbows bent at a 90-degree angle. Extend your arms up while contracting the triceps and lower the dumbbell back down. You can even try using band or tube by hooking it up to a chair behind you and perform the same exercise – contract and lower.

The biceps muscle is located on the opposite side of the triceps muscle. The biceps lift up and down the arm when it contracts. The biceps gives the palm of your hand the opportunity to rotate upward. Proper form and a full range of motion are essential when exercising your biceps with curls. Start by standing relaxed with weights comfortably in your hands, palms out and elbows slightly bent. Lift the weights toward the shoulders, not touching the shoulders. The elbows need to be steady as you feel the full range of motion. Then, slowly lower the weights back down. Do at least 12 repetitions.

The two muscle groups in the forearm are called flexor muscles. They control the forearm. Almost every movement the wrist and hand make are caused by the flexor muscles. A very simple but not easy forearm exercise is best for these muscles. Forearm curls are performed by starting in a sitting position. Picking up a dumbbell and hold it in your fist. In a natural manner allow the dumbbell's bar to roll slowly to the end of your fingers. Then, roll the bar back up to the palms. Do 10 to 12 repetitions for the best results.

Keeping your arms in shape and well defined is something to behold. The process starts with these simple exercises and a dedication to performing them at least three times a week.

How is Your Workout

Do you start a weight-loss program and then give up?

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Now that you are on the right track to getting in shape and staying in shape, it is very important that you stick with the program. After three months, you can change it up and try some new weight lifting moves. But, the key to success is sticking your workouts.

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