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Being Confident

Updated on April 22, 2016

Self-Confidence Tips

Having self-confidence is something that everyone struggles with from time to time, myself included. Over the years though, luckily, I have gained a few tips and tricks to help you feel great about yourself.

For starters, you should really practice having good posture. While you are standing and walking you should have your back straight, stand up tall, and have your shoulders back. What this does is simply give the appearance that you are strong and confident and will definitely in turn make you feel confident and powerful. When you are sitting, do not slouch over. Sit up right with your back straight and it will make you have a sense of regality.

Smile, even if you have to fake it. When you smile you are showing the world that you are a happy individual and you will even feel happy and for me, happiness makes me beam with self confidence.

Always walk into a room and own it! Never get discouraged or intimidated by ANYONE! When you walk into a room and own it, people can see that you feel good about yourself (even if you really don't at that time) and chances are, they will likely compliment you, in turn, boosting that confidence level.

Also always try to look your very best. When you feel like you don't look good, you aren't going to be confident about yourself. Stay well groomed and dressed for success.

Give yourself pep talks and compliments. It really does work! I was iffy about doing this at first, but now I don't go anywhere or do anything without looking in the mirror first and telling myself three things- You are a good person, you look amazing, and you can do anything! This definitely creates a winning and confident attitude.

Laugh. Force a laugh if you have to, look at funny you tube videos, whatever it takes just to laugh. This improves mood and oxygen levels and simply makes you feel good and how could you not be confident when you feel so good.

On that same note, please take the time to work-out, do yoga, and eat healthy! I'm not saying this to promote fitness or anything like that, but doing all of this just makes you feel so good about yourself.

And lastly, just BE YOU! Be comfortable in your own skin and clothes. Wear what makes YOU feel good, don't just dress how society thinks you should, but please always try your best to look decent and not sloppy. Sloppy dressing will NOT make you feel good about yourself and does quite the opposite actually. The goal is to look good, feel good, and be self confident!


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