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Being In The Present Moment

Updated on December 24, 2011

Have you heard of that phrase before? That is, being in the present moment? When I first heard of it, I was like, "What"? But then I realized, that yes, being in the present moment is one of the most powerful positions you can be in life.


Well, for starters, the past is the past. I agree with millions of people that we must learn from the past, so as to avoid repeating the same mistake over and over. However, we can't go back to the past and right all the wrongs. The past is past ... we can't do anything about it. Fixating on what was is counter-productive. What's the good of reliving the past if it will only bring you pain, misery, frustration and the "I should have ..." lament? So what about the future ... are you living in the future ... thinking of things you need to do in a few days or weeks? There's nothing we can do about the future ... it's uncertain. Why get so fixated about something that has not even happened yet? Being totally fixated on the past or the future will not allow you to live in the present moment.

And living in the present moment positions you to be in total control, and empowers you to transform your life because you are in alignment with the flow of time at the moment. You have the opportunity and the power to transform your life right now at this exact moment in time.

So how then do we enter this state of being in the moment ... being in the present ... being in the present moment?

You must develop self awareness, that is, the awareness of yourself. Be cognizant of how you carry yourself, how you stand, and focus on great posture. Be aware of your whole body, and how the legs, arms, etc. work in harmony for you.

If you are aware, then you are in control of your life. The more aware you become, being in the present becomes an automatic state for you. In fact, your mind loses control over you, and you start to become immune to negative triggers. They don't bother you anymore. Your mind is not susceptible to, excuse my choice of words, "brain farts", worries, limiting beliefs, uncertainty or fears. You begin to develop a connection with people and an appreciation for everything.

Awareness, in a nutshell, is the ability to tell the mind to "shut up"! That is, to silence the mind and to stop thinking, worrying, lamenting, etc. of what was and is to be. If you're not functioning in the moment, then you are inside the mind ... that is, you are under the control of the mind, living in the past and/or the future. I guess the term, "Lost in your thoughts", is no laughing matter, huh?

Another tool to develop your self awareness is meditation. Its primary purpose is to silence your mind. And thus, when your mind is quiet at the present moment, you are at an extremely advantageous and powerful state. You are empowered where nothing can affect you, and you can affect anything. You find creative solutions to issues. You are capable and you are confident.

Ready be in the present moment?


Merry Christmas everyone!



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