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Being Thankful

Updated on February 4, 2009
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Being Thankful

These are hard times and things look worse than ever. So what are you going to do about it. You can be negative or positive. Take it as a challenge, and channel yourself another way.

We are being bombarded almost daily about negative news, so why not shut it off. There is a story I read of some sailing ships in tournament, that got caught in a hurricane. Their ship was being severely battered and over the radio all they heard was MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY from another ship losing a man overboard, or going down. What they did, was shut off the radio, (sounds selfish, but they themselves were about to perish too), as a result the crew became more focused on their problems at hand. Instead of sinking they survived. Instead of getting continue negative feedback they went to the positive.

You can take the same action. Look to the positive, shut the news off (radio, tv, or whatever medium), stop reading the paper, and start looking to the positve.

One way is this:

1Th 5:18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Is this any different than the Japanese therapy of Naikan (word which means "inside looking" or "introspection."). Instead of focus on the woes and the world owes me. You focus on the good, and what you've reaped.

Today you can see the Sun, if you have eyes to see with. Thank the Lord.

If you live in a free country. Thank the Lord. Thank the men who died for your freedom. Thank those who fought for you.

Did you eat today. Thank the Lord. Thank the farmer for spending time to raise food for you.

Thank your parents for raising you. They dedicated their time, and part of their lives for you. Give you special valentine to the Woman who should count the most in your life - Your Mother (if she was a mother, she may not have been the best but she sacrificed for you).

Where did you get your learning and wisdom from. Thank your teachers, your instructors, your parents. Thank the Lord.

So your unemployed, if here in the States there is unemployment insurance, in some countries - your on your own. Thank the Lord. Now what is set before you is the opportunity of change, it broke your daily routine. Praise the Lord.

Naikan teaches us to revere all the gifts we have been given. It shifts our focus from ourselves to other people.

Here are some suggestions from the therapy side based on Naikan:

1. At the end of the day, spend 20 minutesrecalling what people did for you that day. What you did for other and any troubles you caused others. Don't devote time to reviewing troubles others caused you. Most of us are already skilled at that.

2. Once a week, find something broken and fix it. IE A squeaky door, leaky faucet, etc. This is a way of expressing gratitude to the things that support you every day.

3 Think of someone you haven't been getting along with - co-worker, neighbor, for example. Say "thank you" to that person 10 times a day. (My, my how that goes against our vengeful nature, but watch the wonders it will work if not on them but your attitude).

4. Every day, secretly perform a favor for a family member (or even better a neighbor, friend, or even a stranger). If anyone detects your "secret service", find another secret service to do. Wow - isn't this against our ego, for we tend to do things for others with the idea of getting something in return. (That is excellent Christian philosophy as we should do things under the guise that the right arm doesn't know what the left is doing - let your alms be done in secret). Oh how we like to boast, or that people notice what we do. Forget that, this isn't about the world owes us anything.

This therapy of being thankful, and doing things for others can give you a more sense of purpose. Make life worth living. Serving others - the law of life mission is essential for personal fulfillment. Why are you here? Instead of ho hum, you are appreciative.


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    • eaglegordon profile image

      eaglegordon 9 years ago

      review909, RGraf, Citzen of Earth. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Positive thinking is not the final answer, or being grateful. But it creates a more positive atmosphere about us, it also affects our bodies too.

      It improves our outlook on life.

    • Citizen of Earth profile image

      Citizen of Earth 9 years ago

      What lovely ideas! Thanks for the reminder to be thankful for the good stuff, rather than focusing on the crummy stuff.

    • RGraf profile image

      Rebecca Graf 9 years ago from Wisconsin

      Very good advice. Something we should all stop and focus on!

    • review909 profile image

      review909 9 years ago from USA

      nice soulful tips!