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Being healthy, physically, mentally and spiritually: eating well

Updated on December 16, 2016

In the pursuit of Health


One's worldview, a critical factor for good health

The many, many people that I have known who had lived into the eighties and nineties with some measure of quality of life were fairly happy people. They had their "health and their strength," so to speak, and were "pain free," for the most part, without chronic illnesses that were caring them that much grief.

However, there was that given number of people in their eighties and nineties that were struggling to control pain, diabetes, hypertension or a number of other chronic diseases. It is difficult to be happy when you are in pain or have misery in your life secondary to illnesses or whatever.

It is not easy writing about these things. I like to write about happy things. I like to give people hope. I don't like worrying people with this stuff that all of us would rather spend less time thinking about.

So, why am I writing about it? Why? Because I like to look at all the approaches to the future that exist that will enable me to live a happier Life.

Jesus, in John 9:4, said, "I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work." What was Jesus talking about? Night comes! Some renditions of the Bible reads, "Darkness comes, when no man will be able to do any work."

First of all this verse implies, that it is a Joy to do work. Work can be good if one is enjoying the work that one is doing. For example, I find Joy in doing medical work. When people used to come to me with "ingrown toenails" it was a Joy for me to do the healing, correctly, to cure this problem. A severely ingrown Great toenail is an ugly and painful thing to behold. First I would have to treat the patient with oral antibiotics for a week to 10 days. Then, when he returned to my clinic I had to do the surgery which consisted of removing the toenail. I had use local anesthesia to numb the great toe. Then I had to remove the toenail. After a couple of more weeks and the toe was healing properly, the patient was very happy with me. But during the painful days following the surgical procedure (even when I gave him or her pain pills, they were unhappy with me.

Getting back to the main point, "Growing old." If one is too old to work or play or enjoy Life, much of the Joy in Life will have passed one by. Joy is necessary, to some degree, to have a "Quality of Life."

Now, I have done a lot of research on aging and one thing that I notice is, when we get to people who are living to be 100 years old, or 105, or 110, more and more of the Joy in Life begins to slip always. It gets a little more difficult to achieve and maintain a "Quality of Life" situation.

As I studied people who were getting older and older, even up until the age of 117, I noticed that became an even greater struggle for the achievement a "Quality of Life" situations. You have to look "far and near" to find people at the 117 year old level. You may find one in Japan, or one in Italy, or one in the U.S.A., but there are very, very few at the 117 year old point. Of the last 5 people at the 117 year old level, all 5 were women. If you want to get really, really old, it is an advantage being a female.

I will write more about these things later. It is 3:29am in the morning, right now, where I am, so I need some sleep. By the way, sleep in on the list as one of the things one need for living a long healthy life.


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