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Believe it Will Work Out

Updated on August 4, 2015

It's common for people who have been hurt before to think the worst. They think that all guys are players and it's hard to tell when a guy likes a girl. Sometimes it is really easy to tell when a guy likes a girl. If it is not happening it is not because he does not care about her it is because life is throwing obstacles their way and the timing is wrong.

Guys do play games but there are also guys out there who are shy. You never know what is going on. The worst thing that you could do is assume a guy is one way because of how other guy's in your past were. Just because a guy in your past played you does not mean that this guy will. Just because a guy left you because you would not sleep with him within a month does not mean this guy will. Every guy is different and you have to believe that you are worth loving.

Don't look at how a situation is now and assume that it will be that way forever. If you are single right now it just means that you have not meet that special person yet. Not everyone gets married at the same age or meets their prince charming right away. Some people meet him early in life and some people meet him later on in life. There is a perfect person for everybody and when you are ready to meet him. You will meet him. For now just relax and have fun. If you focus on what you do not have you will give yourself anxiety and miss out on all of the wonderful things that life has to offer you.

When you start believing that things will work out amazing things will start to happen. God and the Universe will shift events into your life that you never even thought you would experience. The guy who you have been pinning over for years could finally call you for a date, an ex could finally come back into your life asking you for a second chance (that is if you want) and you could even land your dream job.

You never know what happens. You just have to step into the unknown. You have to relax and trust that everything will work out. That is the hard part. When you want something so badly you are so focused on getting it and when you do not see the results you want you get anxious and upset. Then as time goes on other problems come along. Sometimes though you realize that those wishes do come true just not when you wanted them to. Things do not always happen immediately. Good things take time and if something you want does not happen it only means that something better is on it's way that you have yet to experience.

Keep telling yourself that you are going to be okay with whatever happens. Know that whatever happens everything is going to be okay. That's what faith is believing that everything is going to be okay and that you will have what you want even when you cannot see it.

If you think a guy likes you and your friend says "Who knows," do not listen. You have to be the one who feels it in your heart. Once again just because a lot of guys out there play games does not mean that every guy does. If a guy is showing you all the signs that he likes you he probably does. Do not time him either on how long it will take him to as you out. Just go with the flow. If he likes you sooner or later he will ask you out. When you say "Who knows" if someone likes you, you are doubting that a guy could like you. Instead just know that what is meant to be will happen. Life is full of amazing surprises just because you are not with him now does not mean that you will not be with him in the future. You never know when you will get a text from him. So believe and trust that everything will work out. When your relaxed and go along with life's amazing plan you will see that life really is pretty amazing.


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