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Believe It or Not, Pregnant for Nine Years, and Hasn't Given Birth Yet

Updated on January 7, 2018

The story started nine years ago

Naima, A Moroccan lady from Azro city, claims that she is pregnant for nine years but the baby doesn’t want to get out and want that suffering to come to an end, she claims that the baby interacts with her and she feels him inside her. The strangest part is that some footage show the stomach moves left and right in a creepy way.

Interview with Naima

The medical approach

Medical ultrasound experts in the University hospital HASSAN II in Fes city tried so hard to find what’s inside that stomach but they reached a dead end. That led them to a conclusion that Mrs Naima might be suffering from false pregnancy accompanied with neurological pressure; however, the doctors assured that this conclusion could be wrong.

Doctors doing tests to Naima

The exorcists claims

Many Moroccan exorcists contacted Mrs Naima, and postulated that she might be suffering from an act of sorcery, they called her many times and offered her free exorcism sessions, she said NO at first but now she is having some extensive exorcism sessions, and because exorcism is like psychiatric therapy takes some time, we can not know for sure what is happening with Mrs Naima.

An exorcist offering Naima his services for free

Open invitation to Doctors

Mrs. Naima invites every expert in the world who thinks he can help her out to come to Morocco and pay her a visit in Azro city, a nine years pregnant woman is not so hard to find. Until then, Mrs Naima remains a unique medical mystery.


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