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Beneficial Enzymes, Cultures and Such

Updated on June 19, 2009

Ke~Fir Your Immune System

'' Kefir What " ? Your immune system

"Kefir" is a cultured food filled with friendly micro-organisms that is rich with enzymes.

This "yogurt like food" is a very healthy way to help bring the entire internal body system into natural balance.Kefir has more beneficial enzymes than yogurt. I would say it has a consistency and taste similar to buttermilk however, depending on the length of time you let it develop it can be a little or less tart.I just so happen to like buttermilk so I like Kefir.

For those who are lactose intolerent the enzymes,cultures and beneficial bacteria breaks down the lactose thus making it digestible without side effects.Kefir works to reverse lactose intolerence and also boost's the immune system.

Within a few days of trying Kefir ( drinking it several times a day ) I had more energy, less aches and pains and began to sleep better as well.


Though this awesome anti~oxidant is referred to as a" kefir grain" in fact, it is not a grain.It is a grandular shaped substance that has the consistency of gelatin and the grains have a shape similar to armoniche ( ahr-moe-NEE-kay ) a cylindicalor pasta or small cauliflower florett.

My understanding is there are many uses for Kefir Grains. I have listed below ways I have tried or heard of.

Kefir Milk ~ using (whole, 2%, fat freet, soy,coconut milk) honey or stevia can be added.I prefer it plain for the best benefit.

Kefir Smoothie ~To the already made keifer milk,add friut such as strawberries, bluberries, banana etc.. stir and enjoy.

How to make Kefir Milk  ~  The way I was taught

( 2 )16 oz. jars such as Mason / Mayo ~ One for the beginning and one to transfer grains after the 24 hour preparation

3-4 Tbls. Kefir Grains

Milk ~ I use 2 %

Medium to large size strainer

Large plastic bowl

Plastic spoon ~ large enough to scoop grains into the new jar or as I did just use your hands. ( Like my mother would say ~ don't forget to wash your hands first )

Pour milk into a jar to the bottom of the lid line. Add the grains, Place the lid on and invert a few times. Loosen the lid somewhat to vent then tighten periodically and mix by inverting a few times throughout the day.You will notice a separation of liquids.

Leave this out on the counter top for 24 hours.The Kefir grains will accumulate to the top and multiply.

Place the strainer over the plastic bowl. Pour contents of jar into the strainer.Stir Lightly as you pour into the the strainer. On the bottom (outside) of the strainer some of the liquid will accumulate so scrape that off into the jar as well.This can be somewhat messy but ,it's worth it. DO NOT RINSE grains in water As I mentioned the grains multiplied, so allow some of the grains to stay with the batch you just made.There are even greater benefits to eating the Kefir Grains.

Fill the 2nd jar with milk as you did the first time.With the plastic spoon place the grains into the milk. Be careful not to crush them. Place the lid on the jar and invert mixing lightly. Loosen the lid.You have now begun your second batch.

If for some reason you do not get a batch changed within the the 24 hours and it is very thick. Don't be alarmed, it's ok.Pour the thick liquid out DO NOT RINSE the grains, just start over with more milk.

Wash the used jar then pour the" Kefir liquid" that was just made into it.Shake a little, taste~ if it is a bit too tart you can add more milk to your liking.You can add several cups more for a taste you prefer. Keep trying a little more at the time until you get the taste and consistency you want.Do not add more than 4 more cups.

Of course, if you add more milk you will need 2 ( much) larger jars such as the kind that commercial sized mayonnaise or pickles come in.

Place in the refrigerator and begin drinking at your leisure ( I did two to four times per day) Leaving the liquid out ( after straining ) for another 24 hours before refrigeration will improve the quality and beneficial properties.

DO NOT REFRIGERATE GRAINS it can be difficult to revive them.

These grains can be used from batch to batch for approximately 15 days. At this time you will need to purchase more grains, so as to have the quality of Keifer needed to benefit the body for maximum results. Keifer has folic acid,"B "vitamins, carbon dioxide and more.

Until recently, I had never heard of Kefir, but I am glad it was introduced to me.

Like you know who~Try It You'll Like It ~ I did and do and I can say for a fact that I feel better !!! This may be a benefit for weight loss, it has decreased my appetite.

Keifer Grains can be purchased at many HEALTH FOOD STORES around the WORLD!


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