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The best low vision aids for folks with failing eyesight, and legally blind people

Updated on February 18, 2015

Facing the Challenges of Blindness and Low Vision

Regardless what a person’s age or background is, it really does not matter. You see, the fact of the matter, a legally blind person is as likely, a young pre-school boy or girl just starting school dealing with the challenge of their low vision problem. College student looking to further their education, young professional looking to advance their career, or a disabled retired person with vision problems looking to enjoy the best their golden years have to offer. Blind, or simply a caring close friend or family member, I believe you will agree. There is one desire everyone with vision problems have in common. The never-ending quest to find just the right low vision aids we require to make our life easier, more rewarding, and last but certainly not least, fulfilling. With that said, please allow me to invite you to continue reading this article, so you too can discover benefits low vision aids provide legally blind school kids, retired and disabled person.

Low vision & legally blind deal with adversity
Low vision & legally blind deal with adversity


Magnifiers are the most popular low vision aid used to benefit those of us dealing with vision problems. With a little effort, we can easily find a magnifier that will fit almost any use or need we encounter.

Students benefit a great deal from using magnifier software and a computer. Research the web for a term paper, speech, or play the hottest new video game.

· Zoom magnifier computer software enables a retired person to read small print on their favorite website.

Page magnifiers

Page magnifiers make reading, books, magazines, newspapers and periodicals easier, visually impaired students can actually see small images and read very hard to read text using this adaptive technology.

Lighted magnifiers

Lighted magnifiers, the more we magnify text and images, high magnification requires the use of bright light. Combining a good light source and stand magnifier makes working with small text, images, and objects much simpler. Reading product information, a menu, or working on a home repair project is much easier when you can see what you are doing.

Hand magnifier

Hand magnifier is portable and many models are actually small enough to fit conveniently in a pocket. Models range from 4X – 6X – 8X and 10 X magnifications, which make reading labels and product information on packages much easier for those of us with low vision.

What you should know to select the best task magnifier

Talking Devices that work!

Talking devices make it possible for anyone to perform those everyday tasks sighted people often take for granted. For instance, cooking the family meal, check the heating and air conditioner temperature setting, balance the checkbook, pay bills and shop for groceries at the local supermarket.

Talking digital timers

Talking digital timers a time saving kitchen gadget any person that wants to cook their own meals should have around their home. With the simple push of a few buttons, a clear voice speaks to us, allowing easy setting of the cooking time required for cooking our favorite frozen pizza in our oven, barbeque chicken and ribs on the grill, or anything else you need to keep track of the time. For instance, I like to use my talking digital timer to keep track of how long the soaker hose has been watering the garden.

Talking microwave

Talking microwave is a kitchen appliance that is the most used appliance in my kitchen, ok maybe a close second to the fridge. Push a button and set the cooking level, and the time. Pop your own bag of microwave popcorn, reheat a cup of tea or coffee, warm up the nacho cheese, and cook your frozen veggies to perfection. The talking microwave voice is easy to understand, has adjustable volume, clear voice that speaks to you. You can forget about making mistakes fooling around with all those impossible to read little buttons that drive us crazy. Setting the cooking time or level on a microwave oven has never been so easy. In fact, my wife and I’s four-year-old daughter can easily use our talking microwave to reheat her snack and pop her favorite microwave popcorn.

Talking bathroom scale

Talking scale, ok believe me I understand, none of us want to broadcast exactly how much we really weigh. Shoot, if you are anything like me, you have had more than one argument with the lying bathroom scale. However, as you know, we simply must for health reasons, keep track of our weight. The talking bath scale will make weighing ourselves a lot easier. Just step on the talking bath scale, stand still for a few seconds, listen for the easy to understand voice speak to you. Your weight is 149.3 pounds, ok your weight will differ a bit however, it really is just that easy.

Talking Heat and Air Thermostat

Talking thermostat,

Talking thermostat, for those of us that find it impossible to read those tiny numbers on the old fashion style thermostats, a talking thermostat makes it simple to adjust our heat and air conditioning temperature settings. Without the need to wait on a sighted person set it for us, or mess with bumping the settings up and down.

Making it easier for us to keep our cool in summer, then when the seasons change, nice and warm in late fall, winter, and early spring.

As an added bonus, saving money on our heating and air conditioning bills is a good thing for the household expenses.

Talking calculator,

Talking calculator is an extremely handy bit of electronic adaptive technology for math students, homeowners dealing with the challenges of low vision problems.

Having a calculator that works for legally blind people makes working with every day home and business expenses, bank balances, or simply math homework doable for anyone working through their low vision challenges.

Useful Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen gadgets benefits, I think we all agree make cooking and preparing our food much easier, safe and most of all enjoyable. The good news, there are kitchen gadgets that make life much easier for a blind and visually impaired person. For instance, there are talking digital kitchen timers, talking kitchen thermometer, measuring cups and spoon sets, color contrasting cutting boards, food choppers and food slicing guides just to name a few popular kitchen gadgets that benefit legally blind people dealing with their low vision problems.


The absolute worst thing anyone dealing with blindness, or a low vision problem should do is give up on his or her dreams of a fulfilling life. Discover benefits low vision aids provide legally blind, school kids, retired, and disabled person. Using these adaptive technologies, give yourself every opportunity to succeed, and make all your dreams come true.

Please ask any questions I may help answer, or simply leave your comments in the comment section.

Thanks for stoping by, and best wishes, Mike


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