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Benefits Of Cod Liver Oil For The Body

Updated on February 4, 2014

Cod liver oil is a well known supplement which has multiple health benefits. As the name suggests, this oil is basically derived from the liver of the cod fish and is known for its beneficial effects on a number of health conditions. The use of cod liver oil has been there for centuries and of late it has become even more popular. Given below are some of the major benefits one can enjoy on taking cod liver oil supplements.

Get Relief From Arthritis

For the ones suffering from chronic arthritic pain, cod liver oil can be a welcome relief. It has been known as one of the best ways to get relief from such pain. Just taking two spoonfuls of cod liver oil, or adequate dosage of cod liver oil capsules is enough to work wonders on arthritis. And if you have a family history of arthritis, then you can also take cod liver oil daily as a prevention method. It will keep the condition at bay or not let it develop severely.

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Shields Against Heart Disease

When it comes to heart problems, it is important to start taking measures as early as possible, so that the damage doesn’t spread too much. If you have had a heart attack or even a heart surgery, then taking a regular dosage of cod liver oil will actually help your heart recuperate faster. Cod liver helps to keep away coronary artery diseases and thereby keeps the heart healthy and functioning well. It is also very helpful in combating situations of high cholesterol. The oil contains healthy fatty acids which actually help to lower the cholesterol and keep the heart healthy in the process.

Why Take Cod Liver Oil?

  • Decrease getting cancer
  • Prevent heart disease
  • Help keep your memory (avoid Alzheimer's)
  • Has tons of antioxidants
  • Loads of Vitamin D

Get Better Brain Health

Cod liver is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are important for proper functioning of many of your body organs, including the brain. In fact, the brain contains a high amount of Omega 3 fatty acids. Since the cod liver oil contains the same ingredient, it helps to keep the brain in a better shape. Taking this particular supplement gives the brain a boost. It also brings about a positive difference in a number of mental conditions depression, bipolar disorders, ADHD et cetera. This oil also contains a lot of vitamin D which improves the cognitive performance of the brain. Just a dosage of one to two teaspoon a day is enough.

The Hair Grows Faster

Did you know that by taking cod liver oil, your hair will grow faster? Not only that but it will also grow in thick. So, those of you who are struggling with thin strands - try taking Cod Liver Oil and you will be amazed with the results. If you are someone who is constantly thinking about your hair, taking this to stop balding in the future would be a great idea. In fact, you can even prevent that hair condition just by taking Cod every day. Remember to stay consistent.

Your Body Heals Faster

Yet another fascinating benefit of taking cod liver oil daily is that it enhances the healing capacity of the body. It makes the body stronger due to the vitamin D content in the oil when applied topically, cod liver oil actually heals wounds faster. It also has a beneficial effect on muscles. Because of the vitamin D, the muscle regenerates faster and any kind of muscle pain or spasm that you might be having goes away and the muscle becomes stronger. So taking cod liver oil or cod liver oil supplement daily is a very good health decision one could take.


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