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Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water You Didn't Know

Updated on February 15, 2019

Hands up if you are a sucker at drinking water, you probably are not the only one. Drinking water is a struggle for me. When I was a little girl, I used to fall sick a lot, and I would be forced to swallow medicine with water. One day a tablet melted in my mouth, and since then, I hated water. Whenever I drink water, I cannot help but remember all the tabs I used to swallow on a daily. In fact, to me, water smells like medicine. I have told my friends this reality, but all they do is laugh at me, like how is that true? Some think it is psychological; others think its just a myth but that is how I feel. The truth is, I envy people who drink water because I know the advantages that come with it but I can't seem to like it. Even if I try, I can't go past one glass.

Recently I started feeling funny, headache, nausea and getting dizzy all the time. Went to the hospital and guessed what the doctor asked, do you drink water? I was dumbfounded, water? Again? This thing seems to follow me everywhere I go. I was honest, told him no. He said, you are not sick, all your body needs are water and plenty of water.

Next day I decided to take it upon myself and start drinking water. I asked experts in nutrition, fitness, what ways one can like water, and one thing piqued my interest, putting lemon. I was like, this sounds interesting, I could give it a try and off to the market I went, stocked lemons and set a challenge to drink two glasses of lemon water for the next seven days. It turns out it’s so easy to drink water, and the results were terrific. There is magic behind that water bottle.

My skin improved

Ever heard of the saying age like fine wine? This is how I started feeling. I kissed goodbye my skin which was full of acne, rough and had black spots and this is because drinking water keeps the skin dehydrated enough to decelerate the aging process. Water keeps your skin healthy, moisturized, glowing, youthful and free from all those wrinkles. I couldn’t believe the difference on my face seven days later. The results were amazing; it was a motivation. I instantly fell in love with water after seeing the results; I was like water, where have you been all my life? Why didn’t I realize this all along?

My immunity was strengthened.

There is a Slovakian Proverb that says “Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine.” And true to that my Constant headaches, dizziness, fatigue, were all no more a few days. I got my groove back. I started feeling energized and refreshed throughout the day. This is no exaggeration; water acts as a catalyst for the renewal of body functions. Enough water also aids in the performance of one's kidneys and liver. Drinking enough water neutralizes pH levels, and strengthens immunity against illnesses and supporting pain management for instance headaches, body aches and so on. This is one fact I got to learn recently, its magic, I am telling you.

I lost some extra pounds.

For the longest time, I have been struggling with weight. Those who have extra fresh on them can attest to the fact that losing even one extra kilogram is as hard as the word itself. The gym was not in the cards because I couldn’t keep up, I tried walking, jogging, doing a simple exercise in the house but instead, the situation worsened instead. After discovering the magic in drinking lemon water, that is when I noticed that my body was slowly shrinking and feeling light. My belly fat too was shedding. We all probably know how hard it is to lose weight around the belly. One thing I noticed throughout my journey is that the more I took water, the less hungry I felt. This forced me to eat less as my stomach was full. It acted as an appetite suppressant which aided in shedding off some weight. One trick I would like to share drinks a glass of water before a meal. This will make you full naturally, so you eat less. If you are looking at ways, you can manage your weight or cut down on your eating habits, drink water.

I have never looked back ever since I discovered the benefits that come with lemon water. It has become part of my routine before I do anything, I always gulp a glass or two of lemon water before I do anything. Try it; you will thank me later.


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    • Darleen Barnard profile image

      Darleen Barnard 

      13 months ago from Henderson, NV

      Great article! This is an area that I struggle with as well. I just bought a new water bottle last month to help me make sure I get my 64 oz in per day. Thanks for sharing!


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