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Benefits Of Early Morning Exercise

Updated on May 12, 2011

So if like me you may have overindulged a little at Christmas and you are looking for a way to shift the weight but you want quick results then you could go on a crash diet but to be honest although they may knock the pounds off very quickly they don't stay off and it could also be dangerous to keep crash dieting as it does have bad consequences for your organs if you keep doing it.i personally would recommend a health diet even a restricted one if necessary,say down to 1200-1500 calories and then a healthy work out routine that involves at least 45 minutes to an hour of hard work including running and cycling,this way if you can afford gym membership or simply don't like gyms for whatever reason then you can simply use these two exercises to maximum potential.If this sounds like something you would like to do then to maximise weight loss there is one more thing you will need to do,Get Up Early!!! sorry i know this seems like more torture on top of the fact that your having to exercise but could help you drop another pound or two a week so it is definatly worth it.Trust me when i say that working out early in the morning is two to three times more beneficial then working out later in the day.I will explain this below.

So why early morning?,what is different about your body that helps weight loss by running in the morning?,Should i eat before i go out or not?,How much exercise should i do?,How early is early?,these are all questions i asked when i got told this several years ago by a fitness instructor and i will answer them in the next chapter,this will change the way you exercise and the benefits are huge and you will see that if you do what i tell you in the next chapter or two.

Burning Fat

When we exercise we are obviously doing it to lose weight but what is actually happening as we lose weight? Well the short answer is we are burning fat and to burn fat the quickest we need to work out early in the morning,and why is that you may ask?,well there are two stores of energy that your body requires to perform most of your major day to day activities,the first is carbohydrates,now you get these mainly from food and your body burns these carbohydrates as you go about your day,if there are no or little carbohydrates stored in your body then your body must turn to the number two or reserve fuel if you like which is Fat,You will always burn a percentage of the two fuels but if you have eaten during the day then the percentage of carbohydrates the body burns is high and the percentage of fat burnt is low,this is on of the reasons we work out early,we burn more fat,simple.


When we work out or go for a run etc our metabolism sky rockets and is extremely high,which means that we go on burning fat for hours after our workout which is great but when we go to sleep at night out metabolism drops right down so if we worked out in the early evening that fine but we only burn fat for a few hours after then when we go to bed that effect stops,if we work out in the morning the high metabolism and fat burning effects continue throughout the day increasing weight loss


The simple fact is that when you exercise you release endorphins into your blood which has been known to increase your overall feeling of happiness and well being.Not many of us like working out and the fact of the matter is that when you have a long hard day at work and then you have to go workout it is an issue,you don't feel like it because you are tired or have a stress related headache or whatever the reason may be whereas if you do your workout in the morning,not only will you feel invigorated but you will spend your workday not having to worry about doing it after work,you have already done it so this makes you feel better within yourself and probably helps your day go smoother as well.If you don't feel like getting up which believe me i don't some mornings or if you look out of the curtains and it is raining hard then simply do your exercise indoors with whatever you have,be it a workout DVD or an exercise bike or a cross trainer or whatever it is you may have to hand,even running up and down your stairs say 50 times will give you a good workout and you will feel better before going to work,plus while your at work you will feel better throughout the whole day.

Getting Started

So if you do one thing while working out your training routine then make it that you get up and train early before your day would normally of begun and trust me you will see the benefits,Like i said before if you cant workout outside then workout inside but make sure you make a commitment to train hard and keep focused on your goals.An early morning workout may sound and feel like punishment for the first few time you do it but it will get easier to the point where if you don't workout before you set off for work you may become grumpy and annoyed with yourself for having missed out.Try it and you will not be disappointed and by all means leave your comments here to let me know how you get on as i would love to see some of your results as it worked for me and id love to see other people benefit from this way of training.


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    • fucsia profile image

      fucsia 6 years ago

      I just decided to do morning exercises every day! Thanks for this useful page!

    • dusy7969 profile image

      dusy7969 6 years ago from San Diego, California

      Morning Exercise Is Very Good For Health. We Should Take It Regularly. After The Morning Exercise We Feel Activeness In Our Body. So It Is Valuable For Us.

    • profile image

      Mara Tyler 6 years ago

      I heard this was true, but you just confirmed. Thanks!

    • profile image

      lukeyboy112233 6 years ago

      wuuuuuuw this what im gonna try when training for fitness for my fooie club gr8 hub well appreciated warchild

      i like thr run as our coach is going on about early runs

    • JD Barlow profile image

      JD Barlow 6 years ago from Southeast US

      Great information on exercising in the morning.