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Benefits Of Living In A Retirement Community

Updated on April 2, 2015

Retirement communities are usually designed for people who are aged 55 or older. Some people who have lost a spouse or who are single and have been living alone may feel very lonely. Whether you are living alone or with family members, there may be some benefits for you to live in a retirement community. If you have a partner or spouse, the both of you may benefit by living in a retirement community together. Here are some of the benefits of living in a retirement community.


My great uncle lost his wife to cancer a few years ago and he felt so devastated and alone after she was gone. He started experiencing health problems because of how upset he felt after her death. Someone had suggested to him that he move into a retirement community. He was reluctant at first because he wanted to stay in the house that he had owned and lived in for so many years. However, after much coaxing, he finally made the move into a retirement community.

Now after a couple of years of living in the retirement community, my uncle's health and mood have improved. He met a lot of new people in the community who he has connected and formed friendships with. He now participates in activities and he feels less lonely. I think the move to the retirement community really helped him out because he is in much better spirits. Although he still misses his wife, he is now able to look back on the good and happy memories they shared instead of suffering through each day feeling alone and empty.

Social Life

Retirement communities offer a place to live as well as a place to socialize. Some retirement communities have activities that may help you to get out and meet new people. These activities can keep you busy and you might also have some fun participating in them. Socializing with others in the community may help you to form new friendships. If you have been feeling lonely, you may feel less lonely living in a place like this. By living in a retirement community, you may feel more of a sense of belonging. You have many options to stay active and busy and meet other people if you are able to.

Landscaping Services

If you decide to live in a retirement community, most communities have landscaping services provided for you. You would not have to worry about mowing the lawn, shoveling the sidewalk or raking leaves. This might help to make your life a little easier, especially if you have been doing these outdoor chores yourself.

Health Concerns

If you have medical issues, some retirement communities can provide you with long-term health care. You may be able to see doctors at the retirement community's health care center. It may be good to know that there is a medical staff close by who you can go to for discussing and treating your health concerns.

Assisted Living

If you need assistance with daily chores or bathing and grooming, there are some retirement communities that offer help with these daily tasks. If you need some extra help, look for a retirement home that offers assisted living. This type of care is good for someone who still wants to live independently but may need some assistance with daily activities.


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