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Benefits Of Red Tea For Infants And Children

Updated on January 23, 2014
Next to the baby's bib, on the right side is a baby bottle with baby formula and red tea combined. On the left side is a sippy cup with just red tea. I choose giraffes on the bib and cup stating that the red tea is picked from Africa.
Next to the baby's bib, on the right side is a baby bottle with baby formula and red tea combined. On the left side is a sippy cup with just red tea. I choose giraffes on the bib and cup stating that the red tea is picked from Africa. | Source

Is Red tea good for infants and children?

Well, for starters, Red tea contains no additives, preservatives or colorants. It is naturally pure and contains no caffeine. Rooibos Red Tea has a good source of vitamins and minerals. The minerals in this tea include Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, Fluoride, Calcium, Copper, Zinc, and Manganese. The vitamins are: C and E.

Red tea has a natural sweet taste. It helps infants with colic, stomach cramps and sleeping problems. Simply mix some Red Tea with milk or baby formula. When changing a baby's diaper, applying Red Tea to the diaper rash will give a soothing feeling making the effected area not as painful. Also this tea is useful in treating certain skin irritations and eczema. Red tea is a very healthy drink that relieves a lot of symptoms like colds, flues, allergies, hay fever, and even asthma in infants and children. Today there are a lot of children and infants that can not digest cows milk. Some grow out of it when they get older, and yet others will have this allergic reaction to cows milk, which also includes any dairy product for the rest of their lives. Those children and even adults are what we call lactose intolerant. Since red tea has a good source of calcium, you might find that this tea may be the alternative to dairy products. Red tea is easy to digest and extremely good for the stomach amongst other health benefits. Red Tea also contains very low amounts of tannin which plays a very important part in our bodies to give us that extra iron boost that we all need. Red tea also contains fluoride, calcium and magnesium for growing strong teeth and bones. And the lpha hydroxyl acid and zinc in Red Tea helps to beautify our skin.

You may find that Red Tea calms hyperactive children and helps by giving you a better sleep at night. But not only does Red Tea have such strong benefits, it is also an excellent beverage that can be drank cold, hot, or warm. This tea can be used in milk, and cooking by subbing the tea instead of using straight water. For the children's lunches for school, instead of fruit drinks or soft drinks which are loaded with sugar, additives , and even colorants, make them a Red Tea beverage instead. And not only will this drink quench their thirst, but look at the other benefits these children will get. As parents you will love it because they will become less sick when it is time to go to school, and they can drink this as much as they want because this tea is ALL NATURAL and NO CAFFEINE!

Red tea is a herbal tea it is different from other teas. This tea you cook with it. While it cooks it releases about 50 times the amount of antioxidants that are good for our health. Once it is brewed you can keep it in the fridge for about 2 weeks. This tea is not just for children and infants, it is for all ages.

Not Just For Children, For Adults Too

This tea is also good for adults just like growing children. When we take a look at growing children and even babies, Iron plays an important part in our bodies.Women require added iron, so the decreased tannin can play an important role in improving the iron level of the diet.

Iron plays a huge role in our body. You see iron forms a protein in our red blood cells called HEMOGLOBIN which carries oxygen to every cell throughout our body. Without iron our bodies would not be able to function and the lack of iron can cause serious health problems. Now why would I say this?

Well...because the lack of iron would not be able to produce enough protein (Hemoglobin) therefore, not enough oxygen is traveling to the muscles and brain will make you very tired.

Cooking With African Red Tea


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