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Benefits Of Sleep Aids

Updated on March 6, 2010

How Sleeping Aids Can Be Of Help?

People care more about nutrition than about sleep though both nutrition and sleep are vital for our overall health.The body's metabolism works non stop,whether it is day or night whether you are awake or asleep.In fact some metabolic functions happen only during sleep such as 'human growth hormone' release.

Millions the world over suffer from sleep disorders affecting the overall health of the person.Lack of sleep or insomnia affects your performance during day time work.Frequent insomnia bouts can cause depression.Prolonged sleep loss can not only hasten the onset of ailments such as diabetes,hypertension,obesity and memory loss but also increase the severity of these ailments.

Any drug which is easily available over the counter (OTC) without any restriction is called over the counter medicine or drug.Over the counter or OTC sleep|sleeping aids can be purchased easily by anybody without prescription.

Over the counter or OTC sleep|sleeping aids' purpose is as it's name suggests is to aid the body get proper amount of sleep by inducing it.It is usually in the form of pills but sometimes sold in liquid form too.

OTC (over the counter) sleep|sleeping aids benefit-1 is that sleeping aids help the body to get the much needed sleep.This increases the capacity of the body to repair it's worn out cells there by invigorating the body.

Over the counter or OTC sleep aid benefit number-2 is that it helps the body achieve proper sleep by which the body is invigorated and refreshed.It also leads to improved work performance.This results in enhanced quality of life which otherwise is not possible without the help of sleep aid.

Over the counter or OTC sleep|sleeping aid benefit number-3 is that it fights weight gain by inducing sleep.It is found that loss of sleep increases appetite.This in turn encourages consumption of snacks to alleviate boredom there by contributing to weight gain.By inducing sleep,sleep aid normalizes the blood pressure improving heart condition.

OTC (over the counter) sleep|sleeping aids benefit-4 is that sleep aids play the role of helping the body get it's due share of sleep there by facilitating the release of the 'human growth hormone'.This hormone is released only during sleep and is very essential for growth in children.The repair to the skin tissues because of exposure to ultra violet radiation during day,is done during sleep.Sleep aid also helps in improving memory power.

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