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13 Healthy Benefits of Taking Cold Showers: A Way to Improve Your Body

Updated on October 6, 2016

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Surprising Benefits of A Cold Shower: Easy Way to A Better, Healthier Body

No studies have been done on how many Americans take hot or cold showers, but there are plenty of theories. However, I personally have found not one of my friends or family members take cold showers (at least by choice). In seeking to improve myself by adopting lifestyle changes that will help me for the better, I stumbled across the benefits of taking a cold shower everyday and had to investigate these shocking benefits for myself!

1. Improves your circulation

Do you like to end your hot showers with cold showers? That actually improves your blood circulation! The hot water makes blood rush to your skin, while the cold makes the blood rush to your organs. The switching between the 2- even once- helps your blood to circulate better. Why is this important? Because blood carries oxygen around the body and helps make a healthy heart!

2. Makes your immune system stronger

Studies have led researchers to believe that cold showers increase our metabolic rate, since our body wants to heat itself up. This in turn, releases more white blood cells. Research done in 1993 found that daily cold showers increases the number of white blood cells in the body, compared to people who take daily hot showers.

3. Helps with depression

Cold showers can help to ease and even prevent depression. However, for some who are suffering from depression cold showers may have the opposite, making you more depressed. So be careful when you try it, and pay close attention to how you react. Research has shown however that for many people though, cold showers stimulate the brain in a positive way, making them feel "uplifted" throughout the day.

4. Increases fertility

Further research has shown that cold showers may play a role in the reproductive system when trying to conceive a baby. When a man's testes are cooler, they have a higher sperm count. Not only do cold showers increase a man's sperm count, they also help improving sperm's motility.

5. Helps with testosterone production

Cold showers can increase testosterone in men. This helps give men's libido and drive a boost, but also helps with his energy level, well-being and strength.


6. Allows for better body temperature regulation

Do you feel like you're regularly too hot or too cold? Take a cold shower. This will help your body's ability to regulate your temperature. I have tried this out and can personally testify to this. My feet were regularly cold and after adapting cold showers, they're not aching from from the lack of heat.

7. Makes your breathing deeper

Ever take a dip in some cold water? Whether it be a pool or a lake, do you remember that feeling? You probably took a deep, deep breath trying to recover from the shock of the cold water. Taking cold showers really helps to open up the lungs and deepen your breathing. Deep breathing is a good stress releaser, making you more relaxed throughout the day. Deeper breathing additionally helps make physical activity a bit easier and makes you feel more awake for the day.

8. Gives you sexy looking skin

Cold showers flush the toxins from the skin and keeps your pores contracted. This is good because there are chemicals in water, soap and products that we add to our skin- so have pores that are smaller makes it harder for these toxins to seep into your skin. Also, cold water doesn't dry out your skin like hot water does. Your skin will glow after a nice, cold shower.

9. And sexy hair!

Hot water dries out your hair, stripping it of it's natural oils. Cold water gives your hair a happy, healthy shine.

Benefits of Hot and Cold Showers

10. Makes you feel more alive and invigorated

Cold showers waken you up and make you feel alive, liberated and invigorated. It really does improve your sense of well-being, and will better your day.

11. Provides anti-aging for skin, body and mind

I discussed earlier how cold showers can help your skin look more radiant and your hair look healthier and give it more shine. However, it's important to know that cold showers prevents aging and promotes longevity from the inside out. It will make the insides of your body workings stronger, makes you healthier and really awakens the mind.

12. Promotes weight-loss!

I mentioned earlier that cold showers were shown in studies to increase your metabolic rate which translates to a faster metabolism which helps to promote weight loss, helping your body to become more efficient.

13. More money in your pocket

Well, this is no surprise. Cold water costs less than hot water. Also, your cold showers will end up being much shorter than your hot showers, saving you even more moola.

How to do it:

It is best to introduce your body to cold showers gradually, as to not put yourself in shock. This is best done by slowly decreasing the hot water in your showers, so your body can adequately adjust. Once your body can be comfortable in the cold water, you can take complete cold showers OR alternate you showers between hot and cold OR start with taking a hot shower and end it with a cold shower.

You should NOT take cold showers if you have:

  • heart disease
  • high blood pressure


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  • Lipnancy profile image

    Nancy Yager 4 years ago from Hamburg, New York

    Your article is full of useful information, but I do enjoy a hot shower.