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Benefits of Adding Casein Protein Powder to your Muscle Building Diet

Updated on July 21, 2010

The Benefits of Using Casein Protein Powder

There are many varieties of protein powders on the market today, these are often aimed at people trying to gain muscle or lose fat.  It can be really confusing to walk into a sports supplement store and see the walls lined with different types of protein powders, including whey protein powder, milk protein powder, soy protein powder and casein protein powder. This article is meant to inform you about the health benefits of casein protein powder and how it can help you build muscle and lose fat.

Casein protein is a slow digesting protein that is mainly found in cheese and cow’s milk. The most attractive aspect of casein protein for those looking to add muscle or lose fat is that casein protein clots when digesting in the stomach. This causes it to release the protein into the body slower, than other types of protein and can last many hours.

The good news is casein protein comes in powder form, which has been stripped from milk. This makes it low in fat and carbohydrates, while maintaining its slow release properties. Casein protein powder can also be found in many flavors to make it more palatable.

People who are looking to lose fat but retain muscle may benefit the most from the use of casein protein powder. When an individual loses weight often muscle tissue is often lost, this is caused from the body needing more energy in the day, then is being provided from food. With the slow digesting casein protein it is less likely for the body to use muscle for energy when it has protein available to burn.

Casein protein powder also has the advantage being a higher quality protein than other protein powders. With faster digesting proteins like whey, the body will actually discrete the protein before it can even be utilized by the body. This means casein protein powder, gram for gram is used more by the body than other protein powders, which gets you more bang for your buck.

Vegetarians, who are sometimes deficient in protein, can also use casein protein powder to benefit their diets as long as dairy products can be eaten. Casein protein is also being studied for its protection against colon cancer compared to other proteins like those that come from milk or soy.

For the body to benefit the most from taking casein protein powder, it is recommended to take before the body enters a fasting state. For most of us, this time is before sleep.  It can also be used however throughout the day in addition to your whole food diet.

Casein Protein Powder
Casein Protein Powder


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