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Benefits of Drinking Milk

Updated on February 28, 2013
Milk does the body good!
Milk does the body good!

Why Should You Drink Milk?

Milk products are an extremely important part of the healthy diet. Milk has been part of the food pyramid is the beginning of time - and for good reason. Milk does a wide variety of beneficial things to the body because of its high nutritional profile and it's easy drinking taste. Milk helps keep the body functioning properly and is especially important for children who are growing.

Delicious Nutrients!
Delicious Nutrients!

Why Aren't You Drinking This Stuff??

Milk is packed full of vital nutrients that help maintain good overall health. Milk include 16 essential nutrients that help your body in various ways:

Calcium: This nutrients helps the formation of strong bones and healthy teeth.

Niacin: Helps convert food into energy as well as helps with tissue formation and aids in normal growth of the human body.

Potassium: Helps in the functioning of nerves and muscles. Your heart requires potassium to beat normally.

Folate: This nutrient helps the body produce red blood cells.

Magnesium: Another factor for good bone and teeth health, also helps convert food into energy as well as help maintain energy levels throughout the day.

Phosphorus: Helps the formation of strong bones and healthy teeth as well.

Pantothenic acid: Helps convert food into energy.

Protein: Helps the body repair and build muscle. Also helps the body build antibodies which help fight infections.

Riboflavin: Another factor in converting food into energy as well as helping with tissue formation.

Selenium: Helps protect and keep the immune system functioning correctly. Selenium also has an antioxidant effect can help your skin, hair and body healthy.

Thiamine: Aids in releasing energy from carbohydrates as well as helps with normal growth of the human body.

Vitamin A: Vitamin A helps with bone and tooth development as well is helping the body in the maintenance of night vision. Vitamin A also plays a role in maintaining healthy skin.

Vitamin B6: Helps in the conversion of food energy helps maintain bone. Helps in reducing anxiety.

Vitamin B12: Helps in red blood cell formation. Can be a factor in reducing anxiety.

Vitamin D: This is generally added to milk to enhance calcium's absorption.

Zinc: Another mineral that is required for the proper maintenance of the body.

Your Bones Will Thank You

Milk is very high in calcium is very important for reducing the risk of bone disease as well as fractures and breaks. Studies have shown that if you drink three glasses of milk a day, you may be able to significantly reduce the risks of osteoporosis. Consuming milk as an adult has great benefits such as slowing the rate of bone loss as well as keeping your bone density normal. Milk is by far the best way to get your daily dose of calcium, and is one of the tastiest ways as well!


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PMS Reduction

Roughly half of the population menstruates. Around 50% of women also admit to having moderate to severe PMS every month. Studies have shown that a diet rich in calcium, such as foods like yogurt and milk, can cut the physical and emotional symptoms down by 50%. The recommended dose for women having symptoms this 1200 mg of calcium per day.

A Happy Heart

Everyone wants a happy heart don't they? Consuming the recommended amount of milk products per day can help with one of the leading causes of death in Canada and the United States; hypertension. Milk does an incredible job of lowering blood pressure over the long term. Scientists believe this is due to the calcium, magnesium and potassium content.

Colon Cancer Prevention

Milk has been shown to lower the risk of developing colon cancer. The American Institute for Cancer research has collected enough data to conclude that milk does prevent colon cancer but further studies are going to be required to determine precisely why milk products help specifically.

A Necessity If You Work Out

While you workout, muscle is constantly micro-tearing and breaking down. It is extremely important after exercise to get the proper nutrition you need to help rebuild the damage you caused while working out. Milk contains a protein called casein which is very good at helping repair broken down muscle tissue. Milk also contains many different types of nutrients that help repair muscle tissue. The main reason many men drink milk that workout is because of its protein content. Milk plus your protein powder tastes a lot better than water and you end up getting the added nutrients and a boost in protein.

Isn't He Cute!
Isn't He Cute!

Improving Your Sleep

Sleep deprivation is a big issue in this day and age. Majority of people are not getting sufficient sleep due to increase daily demands of life as well as the increase in stress. Lacking sleep will impair your memory and potentially can injure you (if you're driving a motor vehicle.) Problems with sleeping seriously affect teens by them having difficulties in school, personality problems, and poor concentration therefore causing bad marks.

The case of protein in milk has been shown to improve sleep quality as well as improve alertness the next day. Everyone has heard that a warm glass of milk before bed helps you sleep. This statement is actually true!

Nutrients in Milk Helps Your Beauty

Here's one for the ladies! Milk is an important part of retaining your beauty. Even Cleopatra used to bathe in milk to keep her skin silky smooth. Many of the nutrients in milk help maintain healthy hair, skin, and fingernails. Drink milk is much as possible to get the vital nutrients is that help promote your external beauty, forget all the makeup!

Milk Helps Teeth Fight Cavities

Milk's amazing nutrients helps reduce cavities when combined with normal brushing and flossing. Proteins in milk of antibacterial property that helps fight off bacteria that cause cavities. Protein also stops the bacteria from sticking to the tooth surface. Calcium helps strengthen teeth to keep them their whitest.

Want to lose weight?

There are now almost 50 studies suggest that a diet rich in milk products can make it much easier to maintain a healthy weight. If you are overweight, milk has been shown to help lose that extra weight quicker than placebo. It seems that calcium tells body to use that as an energy source while telling the body to reduce storing fat within the cells. Calcium supplements tend not to help as much as drinking milk. This suggests that there's other milk components that play an important role in losing weight.

But I'm lactose intolerant!

So you're lactose intolerant? That's no excuse to not be drinking milk. There are many different types of lactose-free milks on the market today. There are even liquid drops available at drugstores that you can add to your milk that will break down the lactose and allow you to drink the milk like everyone else.

Tips To Get Children To Drink Milk:

-Put a squirt of chocolate syrup in their milk.

-Get some crazy straws to make it fun.

-Get a special cup just for milk. Make it of a cow or other fun thing related to milk.

-Make smoothies with milk (kids get an extra serving of fruit).

-Lead by example – grab a glass yourself!

Tips To Get More Milk In Your Diet

-Eat cereal in the morning. By eating cereal, you are already getting a glass of milk.

-Drink milk with an afternoon snack. Milk is a great drink to wash down a snack.

-Drink milk after your exercise. The protein and nutrients will help your body during recovery.

-Drink milk before bed. It will help you relax and have better quality sleep.

-Forget your coffee habit. Replace coffee with a glass of milk. You will feel better throughout the day.

-Drink milk before eating. This will help curve your appetite and you will eat less calories.

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    • profile image

      yorum chachum 

      3 years ago

      I've just started on with my milk routine...thank u i got to learn many things

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I used to hate drinking milk...After my delivery I started getting problems with my body pain n neck pain...I went to the doctor n did all the test....I found out it was a calcium deficiency. .

      I started drinking milk at least 2 times in a day n started doing excrise. ..

      By God's grace I m fine...

      Thank you....For your proper guidance

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I have also started drinking milk and it has relieved my constipation problem. My tummy is much flatter now. I love it.

      Added some to my soap and now my skin is soft and very smooth.

    • peachpurple profile image


      5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      yes, i do drink milk everyday. Either fresh milk or powder milk. Very healthy and makes my digestive system move very fast. i always head to the toilet after the drink. Whew!Voted up


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