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Benefits of Green Tea as an appetite suppressor

Updated on May 24, 2013


Green tea is made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis. The same leaves which are also used for several other kinds of teas. Green tea has several health benefits, including improving the health of heart, helping in burning fats and maintaining good cholesterol levels.

The chinese have been known for drinking green tea for thousands of years. Ever wonder why most chinese people are so slim?

Main benefits of Green Tea

  • Fights cancer.
  • Improves good cholesterol level and reduces Bad cholesterol level.
  • Fights Cardiovascular Diseases.
  • Helps in burning fats and acts as an appetite suppressor.

Why Green tea is called green tea

Green tea, Black tea, Oolong and white tea are all made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis. During processing green tea undergoes much less oxidation than that of black tea. With less oxidation the green tea is actually able to maintain much of it's natural green color.

For Dieting

There are so many diet supplements in the market today and many of them are full of hypes which promise weight-loss effortlessly.

Dieting doesn't necessarily means to starve and feel hungry all the time, but becoming hungry is still very likely no matter which kind of diet you take. So what causes you to become hungry? When your body runs out of calories from the food you eat, you will get hungry. It's your body's way of telling you, that you have used up the energy from your food.

Anyway, if you want to lose weight you have to cut-down calories from your diet which is mostly carbohydrates, fats and it will definitely make you hungry which is not an easy thing for anyone of us. Fortunately there are cheat-codes to trick your body into thinking that you're full. There are many natural appetite suppressors and Green tea is one of the most effective ones out there. It can cut down your hunger signals without feeding you those extra calories. It is wise to include green tea in your meals, as it would also make you feel better while dieting.

Note: Green tea won't magically make you thin. All it does is make you feel better instead of feeling hungry all the time and also helping you in burning fats. To get the full potential of it, exercise and choose low-calorie diets.

And also consider the fact that Green tea also contains caffeine, so drinking before sleep can cause insomnia.


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