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Benefits of Having Ginger

Updated on February 14, 2013

Did you know that the benefits of ginger are not just culinary?

Ginger provides us with many health benefits, particularly to our digestive system.

But first, some interesting "nodes" about ginger.

  • The root-like appearance of a ginger deceives us. The ginger that we use for cooking is actually a rhizome of a ginger plant. Rhizomes are the horizontal stems of ginger where its roots actually sprout.
  • Ginger is said to be an aphrodisiac. Drinking ginger tea is not only relaxing; it provides endurance and stamina as well, to the person who drinks it.

Is ginger part of your diet?

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Benefits of Ginger

- The first of the benefits of ginger arise when you’re cooking fish. It’s my first defense against the stench of let’s say, the pomfret. Even for a simple fried fish dish, adding ginger into the mix counters the strong “fishy” odor. Ginger has strong flavors that go very well with chicken, vegetables as well as strong-odored fish.

- The benefits of ginger also include relief to gastrointestinal disorders. This includes like bloating, belching, flatulence, nausea and vomiting.

Drinking ginger tea soothes our distressed digestive tract. This makes it particularly good for the acidic.

- Ginger is used as a first aid treatment for many other ailments. Some use the benefits of ginger to treat colds, flu, fever and food poisoning.

- Ginger is also used as a pain killer. It’s gingerol property is used by pharmaceuticals in treating the pains of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Many have been using the benefits of ginger for years. Yet, few of us are still not aware of its myriad uses.

If you’re thinking of trying ginger supplements though, consult with your physician first. Ginger is known to increase bile production which may not be good for some people.

Ginger is one medicinal herb with no particular adverse effects on other drugs or nutrients from food. Still, those with history of gallstones should take caution in consuming ginger and ginger supplements.

With regards to adding ginger to your diet, always eat in moderation and in right portions. Ginger offers a lot of benefits; and the way to enjoy them is simply not to go over-board.

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    • beingwell profile image

      beingwell 4 years ago from Bangkok

      Thanks for your comment Jakob Barry. I've been a fan of ginger for years actually; especially when I've colds and flu. A-choo!

    • beingwell profile image

      beingwell 4 years ago from Bangkok

      Thanks for you comment, teutophile. I'm a ginger lover, too! Love them as tea and on my food.

    • Jakob Barry profile image

      Jakob Barry 5 years ago

      Ginger has always been a source of relief for me when it comes to colds and I love to cook with it. It's a nice introductory root-like plant for those wishing to learn more about the healing powers of herbs and plants in the world.

    • teutophile profile image

      teutophile 5 years ago

      Ginger is great! I'm not a fan of raw ginger so much, but overall I like the taste and value ginger's medicinal properties. I had some acid reflux awhile back -- acid getting back into my mouth after every swallow (ugh!) -- and none of the OTC remedies seemed to help. Then I started taking ginger capsules twice a day and -- poof! No more acid taste. I such a ginger fan now I tend to pick ginger ale over cola-flavored soft drinks.

    • beingwell profile image

      beingwell 5 years ago from Bangkok

      Sure thing vespawoolf! I also put ginger in chicken soup. It's a dish we call "tinola" in the Philippines.

    • vespawoolf profile image

      vespawoolf 5 years ago from Peru, South America

      I love the flavor of ginger...I didn't know it is used as a pain killer. I drink ginger tea when I have a cold, and often add it to chicken soup. We love the flavor in Asian noodle dishes like Szechuan Dan-Dan noodles, too. Thank you for sharing the health benefits!

    • beingwell profile image

      beingwell 5 years ago from Bangkok

      @rajan, Ginger juice? I haven't tried it. I make ginger tea though for the same purpose.

    • beingwell profile image

      beingwell 5 years ago from Bangkok

      @sweetie, I've had those pickled ginger. Not bad at all! :) But I prefer cooking them fresh in stir-fried veggies or fish stew.

    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 5 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      Ginger is a very useful spice. Keeps a lot of health issues under control. Ginger juice and honey in equal proportions do wonder for cough and cold.

      Voted up & useful and shared.

    • sweetie1 profile image

      sweetie1 5 years ago from India

      Ginger is extensively used in north Indian cooking and we all love its taste. Also we thinly slice ( like very thin french fries) and then put it in lemon juice for a couple of days and they get pinkish in colour and can be used as pickle.

    • beingwell profile image

      beingwell 5 years ago from Bangkok

      Thanks for your comments, anglnwu! I always enjoy your visits.

    • beingwell profile image

      beingwell 5 years ago from Bangkok

      Thanks alocsin! True, true! Ginger is a very useful spice. I often use it when I'm cooking!

    • roc6 profile image

      roc6 5 years ago from Cape Town, South Africa

      I drink an infusion of fresh ginger and fennel every day, I also use it to cook my basmati rice with it stops my tummy blowing up.

    • anglnwu profile image

      anglnwu 5 years ago

      I love ginger so I'm glad to read of all these health benefits. Interesting and voted up.

    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 5 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Even without all its health benefits, ginger is an excellent root to flavor meals with. Voting this Up and Useful. SHARED.

    • beingwell profile image

      beingwell 5 years ago from Bangkok

      Thanks Peggy! Yeap, me too! I enjoy ginger in stir-fry veggies and fish stews. :)

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 5 years ago from Houston, Texas

      I have been incorporating more ginger into our recipes over the years because of reading about all the health benefits which your hub also stated. I even add powdered ginger to our breakfast smoothies along with some cinnamon which is also good for one's health. I love using the fresh ginger in stir fry dishes. Voted up, useful and interesting.

    • yeagerinvestments profile image

      yeagerinvestments 5 years ago from Wisconsin

      Very interesting hub. I never knew Ginger had so many uses in cooking and in health. I will try out the tea as it may help me when training for my races. Thanks!

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      I love ginger sweets. Helps to stop me from feeling nausea. I also add ginger into my everyday cooking too. Helps to get rid of wind. Great hub and lots of info. ANy recipes for ginger?