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Benefits of Helichrysum Essential Oil for the Body and Skin

Updated on May 31, 2016

Benefits of Helichrysum Essential Oil for the Body and Skin

Helichrysum essential oil has been used for its healing properties throughout Europe for centuries. Lately, this miracle oil is starting to get noticed around the world. While this oil has been used in traditional medicines in Europe and the Mediterranean, only lately has research begun to discover its many healing properties.

What is Helichrysum?

Helichrysum is a flowering plant native to France, Italy, Spain and other neighboring countries. The oil is distilled from the flowers. The ancient Greeks used to offer the dried flowers to the gods for blessings. Since this oil is not one of the more popular ones, it can be expensive to buy and hard to find. The good news is that it has a longer shelf life than most essential oils.

Benefits of Helichrysum for the Body

This essential oil has numerous health benefits making it the perfect additive for natural remedies. Since it also blends well with other oils, a little goes a long way. Following are just some of the many health benefits this potent oil has to offer:

Cleanse and Detox: Helichrysum is a natural diuretic. It helps the body to urinate easily thereby removing harmful toxins. The oil also has antispasmodic properties that work to stimulate the liver and help your body to get rid of heavy metals, toxins from air pollution and bacteria. Drink an eight ounce glass of water with two to three drops of oil every day to maintain the health of your liver, kidneys and spleen.

Digestive Aid: The oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties to help you keep your digestive system working properly. Helichrysum helps stimulate the production of gastric juices needed to break down food in your stomach. Drinking a tonic daily will help to prevent acid reflux and indigestion as well as boost your immune system. The oil has been used for centuries as a cure for stomach aches, rub one drop of the oil on the abdomen to relieve pain and bloating. Research has shown that Helichrysum may be a great natural cure for anyone suffering from Candida.

Lower Blood Pressure: This oil is great for anyone who suffers from high blood pressure. The anti-inflammatory properties work to promote proper muscle function and lower blood pressure normally caused by high cholesterol. Using the oil will improve and help to keep your heart healthy.

Pain Reliever: Since the oil is an anti-inflammatory it works to relieve aches and pains. The oil does wonders for those with arthritis or Fibromyalgia. It reduces swelling in the joints or muscles and improves blood circulation. For an easy pain reliever remedy mix half cup of coconut or jojoba oil with 10 drops of the oil. Massage into painful areas. Store in a tightly sealed bottle in a cool place.

Benefits of Helichrysum for the Skin

This essential oil has wonderful antibiotic, antifungal and antimicrobial properties that make it a great additive to your skin care regimen. It can be used to fight the signs of aging, remove scars and sun spots and treat acne.

Acne Treatment: Unlike many of the over the counter acne products, Helichrysum does not damage the skin. Many store bought products will leave the skin feeling dry or irritated. For a natural acne remedy place one tablespoon coconut oil, three tablespoons honey, one tablespoon apple cider vinegar and 20 drops of Helichrysum oil into a blender. Blend until combined. Use daily to wash your face. Store remainder in an airtight jar in a cool place.

Remove Scars or Dark Spots: The oil works miracles in removing scars, stretch marks and dark spots caused by the sun or age. It also has great effect on reducing the fine lines and fighting the signs of age. Place one drop on a clean cotton ball and apply directly to the scar or dark spot. You should see a noticeable difference within one to two weeks.

Sunburn Soother: Using the oil after too much time in the sun will help to rehydrate the skin and relieve the pain from a sun burn. Research has shown that Helichrysum also works to block harmful UV rays and can prevent skin cancer. Before going out in the sun mix half cup coconut oil with eight to ten drops of the oil. Use as a sun block and store any remaining mixture in an airtight jar for later. To soothe a sunburn place ¾ cup coconut oil, two tablespoons Shea butter, 10 drops Helichrysum oil and 5 drops Peppermint oil in a glass jar. Place the jar in a saucepan that has about two inches of water in it. Heat gently over medium-low heat and stir until all ingredients are melted and combined. Let cool and rub on burnt skin. Store remaining mixture in an airtight jar for later.

Heal Wounds Faster: This essential oil will help to heal all wounds and skin irritations quickly. For small cuts and bruises apply one drop of the oil directly to the affected area. With skin rashes or Poison Ivy, mix two drops of the oil in one tablespoon of coconut oil and apply to the skin. This will help to relieve the pain and itching caused by the irritation.

My conclusion:

Helichrysum essential oil has been used for centuries throughout Europe and the Mediterranean as a medicinal oil. The ancient Turks used it to cure and relieve stomach problems. While in Europe it was used to help improve respiratory issues. Lately, this wonder oil has become popular all over the world. Many countries are now doing research to discover other uses for the oil.

The many health benefits work to relieve pain, stomach aches, bloating, and cramps and prevent some diseases from developing. When used topically it heals wounds quickly, relieves skin rashes and irritations and fight the signs of aging.

Helichrysum combines well with other oils for even more benefits. For anyone that uses home remedies this miracle oil needs to be part of your collection. While it may be more expensive than most, it lasts longer and is well worth the investment.


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