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Benefits of Ice Cream

Updated on April 6, 2015

What is an Ice Cream

When we hear the words ice and cream, the first idea that comes into our mind are, cold and sweet. That is correct! Ice cream is a form of dessert made of iced-cold milk combined with cream or other dairy product. The flavor varies however on what kind of additional ingredients you put. Nowadays, there has been a huge number of flavors invented for this type of dessert. You can now buy your favorite fruit-flavored ice cream and of course the popular ones like vanilla and chocolate are still the best sellers but now it has been expanded to other flavors .Some of which are chocolate-chip ice cream, cookies and cream, rocky road and etc.

There's also an ice cream flavor for favorite chocolate brands like Reese, Hershey, M&Ms and many more. Thanks to the one who invented the main recipe of ice cream, it's possible for us to mix and match and combine other flavorings to make our eating ice-cream experience much enjoyable.

Nutrients found in Ice Cream

As previously mentioned, this dessert's main ingredients are dairy products. This means that ice cream contains nutrients that can benefit our body which will be good for our health. When dairy products is involved, automatically we think about calcium and protein.

Calcium is an important element in building healthier bones and teeth. That's why a baby needs to drink milk a lot so that it can result to stronger bones that can give good posture. People who have osteoporosis has low calcium making them prone to fractures.

Protein on the other hand is a fuel source. It is made of amino acids which gives us energy. This nutrient is essential for the body tissue and is highly needed for growth and maintenance.

Notice that whenever we're tired or you've been sweating a lot, we usually look for something that will cool us down and energize us. Ice cream can do that job for us. Getting exhausted due to physical activities increases our need for protein, and so eating an ice cream can help us regain our strength back.

Ice cream contains fat but you can still eat it.

Others, especially the body conscious ones might stay away from eating ice cream because of the idea that it will make them fat. Honestly, ice cream does contain fat,and it will definitely make you fat if you eat a huge amount of it combined with an unhealthy diet.

Any kinds of food, when eaten excessively will make you fat so the key to stay fit while eating ice cream is proper diet and discipline. Don't stop yourself from eating ice cream. It's not bad to eat ice cream every now and then but don't overdo it.

Basically use your common sense and at the same time, practice a healthy diet and exercise.


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    • Angelme566 profile image

      Angelme566 5 years ago

      So very true ,now my mouth is watering like to have that mango flavor ice cream..especially climate here so very hot.