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Rejuvenate with Irish Moss

Updated on April 6, 2015

What is Irish Moss

Irish Moss also known as Pearl Moss or Caraigeen (gaelic) is not a true moss but more so a seaweed. It is sometimes referred to as Red Algae. It was originally discovered on submerged rocks off the coast of Ireland. According to Irish Natives, this healing weed was carried on long trips and used as a treatment for tuberculosis and pneumonia. Today it is used as mattress filler and color ink thickener. If you read the ingredients list on jelly-based food you can sometimes find caraigeen as one of the ingredients.

Irish Moss Capsules

Internal Health

Irish Moss plays an important role in the health of the digestive tract. It has shown to be very effective in fighting dysentery, diarrhea, peptic ulcer, duodenal ulcer and even gastritis. Its compounds have a very detoxifying effect on the kidney and bladder. Since it is so effective in cleansing out toxins it has been used on cancer patients who have undergone chemotherapy limiting toxin accumulation and additional damage as a secondary condition. Sometimes you can even find Irish Moss as an ingredient in body detox preparations as it complements other effective herbs in removing acidic build-up within the walls of the intestines.

Irish Moss can also be combined with another wonderful healing plant, the aloe vera plant. Drinking aloe vera juice daily combined with Irish Moss with double the effect on our digestive system. This can be especially beneficial if we have a lot of build-up and therefore a very slow-acting digestive system.

Irish Moss also plays an important role in the health of our cardiovascular system. It inhibits or slow down the formation of arteriosclerosis. Irish Moss contains natural blood thinning compounds and continuously flushes out toxins to limit build-up within arteries. Irish Moss does contain vitamin K which is important for the heart. Vitamin K has an important duty and that is to make sure that calcium is absorbed into the bones instead of attaching itself to arteries of the cardiovascular system. This might be beneficial for older people who are often diagnosed of having thick blood aiding in the healthy functioning of the cardiovascular system.

In addition Irish Moss does contain antioxidants helping the body fight free radicals that cause oxidative stress. Free radicals are produced as part of the metabolic process that takes place within the body. Oxidative stress can be caused by stress, anger, worries, a diet rich in acid-causing build-up, medication, environmental toxins, smoke, alcohol. That is why it is so important to protect your body from oxidative stress by eating healthy and taking nutritional supplements that provide us with additional antioxidants.

Last but not least, Irish Moss also contains organic sulphur, a mineral we usually don't hear much about. Our body's concentration of sulphur is higher than that of magnesium. Nevertheless, we are always told to increase magnesium intake. Magnesium deficiencies do pose certain health risks. Unfortunately, the sulfphur content in our blood doesn't seem to get checked despite the fact that it is needed for so many functions.

Skin Health

What is good for our internal health is usually also good for our skin as well as our internal health reflects itself on the look and feel of our skin. If we don't feel well, then our skin will most likely show it. But if we feel tremendously well, then our skin will have a healthy and rejuvenation glow. But we can double the beautiful-skin effect by carefully choosing what we put on our skin.

Irish Moss is used as an active ingredient in many lotions. It protects the skin from foreign invaders while providing moisture. Repeated use of this seaweed increases moisture retention. The skin’s surface appears smoother and silkier. Because it is also loaded with vitamin A, B, C and D it gives our skin most needed nourishment and can help us fight all sorts of skin conditions.

Because Irish Moss does contain compounds which initiate a detoxifying action within the body, applying it onto the skin will further promote cleansing. Using a quality product will make sure that the pores won't get plugged allowing the skin to breathe. This action once again can be doubled by adding some pure aloe vera gel to your cream.


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      Emayordomo 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      Definitely learned something new here! Good job!