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Benefits of Kombucha

Updated on January 7, 2015

What Does Kombucha Do For The Body?

Kombucha has taken the health food industry by storm and now you can find kombucha drinks in any health food store; some places like Whole Foods even make it fresh!

While there are no studies to support the many claims made by kombucha fans and producers, its safe to say that there's gotta be some truth to the hype. Drinking kombucha helps to make the body more alkaline, which many naturopaths and holistic professionals believe is the key to preventing cancer.

  • detoxify the liver
  • increase probiotics in the stomach, thereby inhibiting harmful bacteria
  • be a natural antibiotic that could be effective against some harmful viruses

These things are said to be beneficial for:

  • keeping the body alkaline
  • cancer prevention
  • allergies
  • arthritis
  • joint pain
  • immune system
  • mood and overall well-being

Consult your doctor before trying kombucha or any other supplement, especially if you are on medication.
Consult your doctor before trying kombucha or any other supplement, especially if you are on medication.

Is Kombucha Safe?

It's a shame that there are no scientific studies on record yet for kombucha, because honestly, I'm addicted to it. Apparently, I'm not the only one; every month I seem to see a new company coming out with their own brand of kombucha at Whole Foods or the nearest health food store.

Companies are touting kombucha's many supposed health benefits and the drink is now more mainstream than it ever was. Some companies even call kombucha a cancer-fighting miracle because of its benefits to the immune system and contribution to healthy flora within the gut. I just know I feel good after drinking it and many people feel the same way.

This does not mean kombucha is for everybody; if you have a major health condition, its important to know the possible risks that others may have experienced.

Benefits of Kombucha

Stick to homemade jams and jellies, not homemade kombucha; go with commercially produced organic kombucha instead.
Stick to homemade jams and jellies, not homemade kombucha; go with commercially produced organic kombucha instead. | Source

Who Should Not Drink Kombucha?

The FDA advises people to take extra caution when brewing their own kombucha. Home brewing does not allow for testing of the amount of yeast, bacteria or possible molds, fungi or germs which can cause serious illness for those with compromised immune systems. For this reason, those with compromised immune systems are better off consuming controlled kombucha beverages.

Never use ceramic, lead crystal or painted containers when brewing this tea; the final product can absorb toxic elements like lead. At least two lead poisoning cases have been reported for this very reason.

Homemade kombucha using a medicinal "mushroom" in unsanitary conditions even created cutaneous anthrax!

As with most things in life, severe complications can result from too much of a good thing. Drinking kombucha tea has been linked to severe acidosis from high lactic acid levels in the blood; a rare condition that can lead to cardiac arrest and death.

People with severe allergies to mushrooms, mold or fungus should also take extra precaution before trying kombucha.

What is the Best Brand of Kombucha?

Looking at the kombucha section of your nearest health food store is now pretty confusing; especially if you've never tried it before. The first time I tried kombucha, it was GT's Classic Organic Raw Multi-Green Kombucha because I'm a big believer in greens as well.

I definitely was surprised by the taste; I was expecting a grassy, tea-like taste, but instead I got a fizzy, carbonated vinegar-esque surprise which kind of reminded me of beer.

I was hooked on GT's Brand, but there are several brands out there on the market. GT's Synergy line has one with chia seeds which I'm currently hooked on; my personal favorite is GT's Synergy Cherry Chia Kombucha. You can follow some of the more popular brands of kombucha on this kombucha Pinterest page.


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