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Benefits of Mediterranean Diet

Updated on March 25, 2017

At the heart of the Mediterranean diet lies the traditional national cuisine of the inhabitants of Italy, Spain, Greece and other countries of the Mediterranean Sea. And it's not a diet, but a certain lifestyle and principles of healthy nutrition, which allow you to have a slender figure for many years.

Products included in the constant diet of the Mediterranean people contribute to the rejuvenation and recovery of the body, give skin elasticity, improve eyesight, lower the cholesterol in the blood and maintain the cardiovascular system in an excellent condition.

All of them can be reduced to one big pyramid. Its foundation is products that you can (and need!) to eat daily. Bread (preferably cereal), macaroni from solid wheat varieties, rice, wheat cereals, a variety of vegetables (potatoes in moderation), fruits, legumes and nuts, olives and olive oil should be present in the daily diet. Raw vegetables should be combined with ready-made vegetable dishes: say, soup for dinner, and before it a salad. Every day it is advisable to eat two natural yogurts and a small piece of cheese, and also drink at least 6 glasses of water; A glass of natural red wine is allowed.

Several times a week you need to include in your menu fish, poultry, eggs, sweet (honey, dark chocolate, condensed milk, jam, cookies, croissants). It is absolutely not necessary to give up meat. Red meat can be cooked once or twice a week, as it replenishes iron stored in the body.

Do not give up garlic, onions, do not forget about aromatic herbs (parsley, basil, oregano, savory, marjoram). Rhubarb is very useful: it not only slows down the aging process, but also serves as an excellent prevention of cancer.

Mediterranean Diet: A Version of the Menu for 1 Day

  • Breakfast: fruit, a small slice of fresh grain bread, a glass of freshly squeezed juice or water.

  • Second breakfast: vegetable salad with salmon, olives and anchovies, dressed with olive oil; 1½ cups of water.

  • Lunch: meat stuffed with rice and pepper, tomato salad with greenery and olive oil, a glass of natural red wine.
  • Afternoon snack: a fruit mix of orange, kiwi and grapes mixed with low-fat yogurt.
  • Dinner: light vegetable soup, papaya with cheese-nut filling, herbal tea.

    To strengthen the effect of the Mediterranean diet, it is very important to lead an active lifestyle.

Pros Of The Mediterranean Diet

Does not require large financial costs, is available to everyone. Most products can easily be bought in a supermarket or replaced with almost equivalent (for example, tuna - salmon or pink salmon, avocado - unsweetened pear, papaya - peach).

A balanced diet, allows you to save not only health, but also beauty, prolong youth. The habit of eating correctly helps to maintain weight in the norm, i.e. Do not gain extra pounds.

A humane diet, a wide choice of permitted products, allowing you to prepare delicious and varied dishes.

Disadvantages Of The Mediterranean Diet

Does not promote rapid weight loss and is not suitable for fighting obesity.

Those addicted to sweets, accustomed to drinking tea with cakes and pies, it will not be easy to give up. Although practice shows that the habit of eating fruits for dessert is formed quickly, and sometimes you can indulge yourself with such delicacies such as: panna cotta, tiramisu, krokembush, klafuti, turron, churros (incidentally, there will be an occasion to master the preparation of a new dish or go to a restaurant).

The Mediterranean diet is an ideal option for those who really care about their health. This is a whole system of proper nutrition, and not an ordinary diet, designed for a short period of time. Are you ready for this?

How To Mediterranean Diet

4 Quick Easy Mediterranean Diet Recipes

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