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Uses of Oak Moss Essential Oil

Updated on August 5, 2015

Oak Moss lichen


Uses of Oak Moss essential oil

Oakmoss grows extensively in North Africa, Europe, North America and Asia. Oakmoss has its scientific name as Evernia prunastri. It is lichen belonging to parmeliaceae family. The thallus of oak moss grows and form big clumps. The thallus is branched and flat. Oakmoss grows on the branches and trunks of trees like oak, blackthorn, pine trees and fruit trees. The dry thallus is green to whitish and the wet one is dark green to yellow-green. The entire thallus is used to extract the aromatic substances. Some of the benefits of the oak moss essential oil are given below.


Demulcent is a softening agent that can help soften any inflammation or irritation. Oakmoss essential oil softens the skin and makes it smooth and soft by maintaining the oil balance and moisture of the skin. This oil soothens the digestive system, provides relief from wounds, scratches, inflammation, and irritation in the intestines, stomach and esophagus. This oil alleviates irritation in the nervous system, mucus membranes and excretory tract.


Oakmoss essential oil has antiseptic properties. It assists in decreasing the sepsis and severe infections of the open wounds. This essential oil blocks the growth of microbes and protects the wounds from infections. The oil has a pleasant smell.


Oakmoss essential oil acts as a restorative agent and helps in reducing aging and in recovering of the body. This oil helps in rapid healing and restores the cells, tissues, organs and muscles to their healthy states. It helps in restoring the immunity and health of the body.


The hard phlegm inside the respiratory tract is loosened by this oil that acts as expectorant. The bronchial tubes, larynx, pharynx and lungs are cleared by this oil. The congestion, breathing trouble, cough and asthma attacks are relieved by this essential oil.


Oakmoss essential oil has earthy aroma and is used for generating fragrance. It is composed of ethyl everninate, ethyl hematonmate, methyl B-orcinolcarboxylate and ethyl chlorohematommate. This oil should not be used on the damaged or diseased or hypersensitive skin as this oil is associated with skin sensitization.


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