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Benefits of Oil of Oregano

Updated on December 11, 2012
Oil of Oregano
Oil of Oregano

What is Oil of Oregano?

You may know oregano as a common italian household herb, but oil of oregano is completely different from its herb counterpart. Do you feel a sore throat coming? Have a couple drops of oil of oregano. Oil of oregano is a natural substance that is indigenous to Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean. It is derived from the herb oregano (origanum vulgare), which is a member of the mint family. Oil of oregano has many medicinal benefits comparable to penicillin. The active ingredient in oil of oregano is carvacrol, giving the oil its medicinal properties. What is carvacrol? Carvacrol is what gives oregano the warm, yet pungent characteristics of oregano. This predominant phenol has extreme benefits because of its anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-pleomorphism properties.

Oil of Oregano Benefits for Pets

Oil of oregano's unique properties allow it to get rid of common pet pests such as fleas. By adding 1-3 drops of the oil to a pet's shampoo or soap, it can help rid of the flea infestation. Many flea shampoos contain chemicals that are poisonous to animals. The usage of these shampoos can put animals at risk if digested. Therefore, the use of a natural remedy such as oil of oregano for ridding of fleas would benefit the animal.

Anti-Viral Benefits

Oil of oregano is effective at overcoming common sicknesses caused by viruses. It helps stop the development of the virus, preventing further sickness. Many viruses become immune against certain anti-viral medications, but oil of oregano is a natural substance and antipleomorphism. Oil of oregano's antipleomorphism attributes allow it to overcome the viruses ability to develop and adapt. Oil of oregano should be dripped under the tongue for 10 seconds. Follow the instructions on the label of the bottle for a more in depth explanation.

Some viral conditions that can be controlled with Oil of Oregano:

  • Flu
  • Warts
  • Herpes


Anti-Pleomorphism and Anti-Bacterial Benefits

Pleomorphism is the ability for viruses, fungi or bacteria to adapt to its environment by changing its shape and chemistry. Oil of oregano's anti-pleomorphism properties prevent this from happening, making it an effective universal medicine. Many medication such as penicillin lack this ability, making oil of oregano superior because of it being deadly to all microorganisms. Bacteria is another pathogen oil of oregano can overcome due to its medicinal properties. It can help overcome bacterial infections in the mouth quickly because of the antibiotic and antiseptic properties. Oil of oregano can be used as a mouthwash to improve oral hygiene although there is a pungent aftertaste.

Natural Remedy

Presently, there are many drugs that are used that are synthetically made such as cold medication. Oil of oregano has many medicinal properties and is a natural alternative to common medications. This is an added benefit because it ensures that the medicine you're ingesting is 100% natural.


  • Do not exceed the daily dosage because it can cause liver damage if done so.
  • Use smaller dosages for children under 5.
  • Irritation in the eye can occur if contact happens. Rinse thoroughly to avoid any burning sensations
  • Do not use undiluted oil of oregano. Almost all brands are diluted with a carrier oil such as olive oil. Undiluted oil of oregano is too strong and potent.


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