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Benefits of Renting a Storage Unit for Your Man Cave

Updated on May 8, 2014
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Why Every Guy Needs a Man Cave?

Every guy needs a place that he can call his own. Every man needs to escape life’s stresses and do things they enjoy the most, without any interruption in a place called “a man cave”.

Most people take a man cave for a place to drink, which is not true at all. In reality, you can do almost anything you want in your man cave in your own home although distractions can be a big barrier to your man cave in your own home.

Nowadays, although it is hard to believe, it is becoming increasingly common for men to turn their self-storage units into their very own masculine sanctuaries. If you do not have enough room in your home for a man cave you can have one by renting a self-storage unit provided by a storage company in your area, town or city. These days, many local moving and storage companies offer self-storage units or containers that are well equipped with electrical outlets.


How to Get Your Man Cave?

Some men want to have their own self-storage man caves to submerse themselves in the things they enjoy the most. That is why some guys want a specific room for a man cave when designing their future home. They want a room where they can nurture and enjoy their interests, manly hobbies and show them to their friends, and others.

Other men simply convert their existing rooms or garages into their man caves. If you have an existing room or garage you can remodel it for your man cave easily. But, if these options do not work for you, you can choose a third-option, which is renting a self-storage unit.

Using Self-Storage Unit as a Man Cave

If you use a self-storage unit provided by a moving and storage company, you can also do almost anything you want in there as long as the owner is cool with it. You can have your own space far away from home and do things that you enjoy the most without any interruptions.

However, the rules surrounding storage unit man caves may vary from one local moving and storage provider or company to the next. It is a good idea to shop around before you rent a storage unit for your space.

As a matter of fact, the self-storage man cave has grown in popularity over the years. Men like self-storage man cave over converted garages or basements. Renting a self-storage unit is cost-effective and also offers a little more freedom to men.

If you want a place for your antique pieces, e.g., toys, vintage cars, boats, etc., a band practice, a workshop, and more to get rid of the stresses of the daily life, or to escape from the monotony of life, renting a storage unit from a reliable local moving and storage company is certainly the best and the most viable option for creating your ultimate man cave.

What Things to Have in Your Man Cave

Many men want to have a few things in their man caves to make sure those things provide them with a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Whatever you choose to keep in the man cave you should make sure they will be kept safe and sound at all times. Here are a few things you may like to incorporate in your man cave to enjoy the most fun and have a comfortable time:

· A home gym

· Benches

· Floor mats

· Various fitness equipments

· Game room

· Toys

· Television and other electronics goods

· Internet

· Furniture

· Mini fridge

· Poker or pool table

· Electrical outlets or surge protector

You can design your space in your man cave the way you want without having to stick to the design that rules at home. You can adorn your walls with posters of your favourite football team. Polish your man cave off with some great décor that befit your taste. May be you want to place lamps throughout the space to light and accent the room befitting your own décor.

Final Words

Renting out a self-storage unit for your dream man cave is a great option for those guys who want a bit more freedom and fun. It decreases unwanted interruptions because a self-storage united rented is physically separated from one’s house. You should, however, remember that all moving and storage companies do not provide equal storage facilities for man cave. So, it is very important that you do some homework to make sure you rent the best storage unit that will suit your needs and taste.


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      14 months ago

      Cool idea. Man needs this type of hideouts and I too made one such with 2 of my best buddies. Pubs are for kids. A real man needs a Man cave.

      Guys only small clubs and the things that you listed are quite sensible. We took care of the furnishing needs from and saved quite a bit.


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