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Benefits of Tea with Milk

Updated on May 24, 2017

Tea with milk is a delicious and nutritious drink, and if sweetened, it can easily replace a full breakfast or an afternoon snack. However, even without sugar, it saturates the body with many useful nutrients.

Benefits of Tea with Milk

In many countries, it’s customary to drink tea with milk. And it’s not surprising. This drink stimulates brain activity, nourishes the body and even strengthens the immune system. Useful properties of tea, multiplied by the positive qualities of milk - it’s an excellent combination of vitamins and trace elements, which are necessary for active life.

In addition, this drink is very well absorbed, since tea reduces the severity of milk. Therefore, it’s recommended to drink it for those who for some reason don’t consume milk in its pure form. It also has a beneficial effect on the microflora of the stomach, so it should be used for those who suffer from gastritis or ulcers.

Tea with milk perfectly restores the strength after a cold or food poisoning. In those moments when the body refuses to take heavy or generally solid food, this drink is indispensable - it will raise the energy and give you the substances that are needed during the rehabilitation period. The combination of vegetable and animal fats and proteins will quickly put you on your feet.

Due to the complex of vitamins, antioxidants and trace elements contained in tea with milk, this drink is an excellent preventive tool that helps to prevent the breakdown of the immune system, kidney disease, depression, and neuroses.

In addition, it’s recommended for those who already have problems with the nervous system. By adding milk to tea, you lower the caffeine content, that is, reduce the stimulating effect, and if the brew isn’t strong, you get an excellent sedative.

Useful Properties of Tea with Milk

In Asian countries, this drink saves from dehydration and helps to save water. If you start the day with a cup tea with milk during the heat, then you will not want to drink for a long time, and, by the way, you will get rid of profuse sweating.

Warnings of Tea with Milk

No large harm can come by drinking tea with milk. Therefore, you can add milk or cream to any tea - black, green, white. The only thing to remember: black tea with milk is a diuretic, so it shouldn’t be drunk in large quantities before trips and at night.

In some sources, referring to German scientists, they write that casein (a protein contained in milk) destroys catechin - a substance present in tea, which is a powerful antioxidant and responsible for the tone of the cardiovascular system. However, this is a controversial issue.

But like any food product, this drink can cause individual intolerance.

Tea with milk can warm you up in the cold and quench your thirst in the heat, it will cheer you up and strengthen your immunity. The main thing is to find a way of brewing it that allows you to get a taste that will seem most harmonious to you.

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