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Benefits of Warming Up Before Exercise

Updated on December 9, 2013

For anyone who plays any sport, warm up exercises are usually recommended so that the body moves into heavy strenuous activity at a steady pace, not in a very sudden manner. Many sports involve a great deal of strength, stretching and rigorous activity so when you warm up, it helps the body make the transmission into this active mode a lot easier.


Of course, many people will ask why warm up at all. This is usually asked by people who do not play any sport seriously. Anyone who plays any game will know that it is essential to warm up so that there are no incidences of injury. Warm up exercises should be seen as preparation for the body getting into an active physical state. Warming up raises the blood flow, the breathing rate and the oxygen delivered to the cells so that the body goes from cold to warm to hot smoothly. From cold to hot would be too much of a shock for the body – warming up is the intermediary stage to take the body to a more active level.


What warm up stretching exercises do is to minimize the chances of wear and tear in the body. Fitness warm up exercises are highly recommended for any person who views sports professionally. There are so many benefits of warming up that it does not make sense to avoid doing it. Sportsmen who are new to the game and who think it does not matter usually learn the hard way that warming up is not just advisable, it is a must.

What is very essential to remember is that warming up is more important as one grows older. Never mind how fit you are, how much you exercise, you still need to warm up so that you safeguard the body from sudden jolts. You will be protecting your joints and muscles when you warm up and it also helps you get less tired when you don’t push your body suddenly beyond its limit but ease it into a more rigorous mode.


Let’s take a look at what is meant by warming up. You first need to be in motion and work up a slight sweat. Then you should stretch so that the muscles that you are going to use in the sport you are playing are exercised and warmed up, ready to take the stress that they are going to be subjected to. Try and do the movements that the sport needs but slowly and not as actively. Stretch each muscle you are going to use for around ten seconds for each muscle.

What is as important and is very often ignored is the cooling down after the sport. You need to do this too – this is the winding down. Do the exercises slowly, stretch the muscles slowly so the body gets used to getting back to the normal state. Just a bit of care before and after will keep your muscles in good shape for much longer.


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